How To Make The Perfect Gin And Tonic (Or Where To Get One Tonight)

How To Make The Perfect Gin And Tonic (Or Where To Get One Tonight)

Summer sippin', sorted

The G&T is a universal classic, but do you know how to make it the right way?

For the majority of us that aren't mixologists, getting the gin vs. tonic ratio right for the perfect glass can be a tricky task, and often leads to a disastrous morning after (we've all been there). But have no fear! Tanqueray Gin have spilled their secrets to concocting the ideal Tanqueray and tonic, to make tonight, tomorrow and, well, everyday. You're welcome.


For the perfect T&T...

1. Add a handfull of ice to a tall glass - it's key to cool the glass down before adding your liquids.

2. Add 50ml of Tanqueray London Dry Gin over the ice.

3. Crack open a premium mixer (such as a Fever Tree tonic), and preferably something with a relatively low sugar content so you don't loose the taste of the gin.

4. Then squeeze a quarter of a lime into the glass, and garnish with a quarter lime for decoration. Enjoy!


For the best G&T’s in London, head to...

Check out the vintage The Blind Pig bar at The Social Eating House in the heart of Soho.

Try the Victorian-inspired cocktail bar The Whistling Stop in Shoredich, which specialises in cocktails inspired by decades gone by.

Vist the award winning cocktail bar at The Zetter Townhouse, a beautiful Georgian hotel in Marleybone.

Or, grab a ticket to 'Gins Of Future Past', running this week at The Green Men, London. Tanqueray and Gordon's (who have a combined gin heritage of over 430 years) have joined together to host a joint event to celebrate all things gin. Whats in it for you? The event is a peek into the history of gin, an interactive tour, a tasting of different gin-ovations and the chance to work with top mixologists to create your signature gin cocktail. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Get your £10.50 tickets now!

You might think you know your gin and tonics, but did you know...

1. That the 18th Century saw the Gin Craze sweep through Georgian London? Gin was like opium; the slum-ridden city was addicted to it, and people were even making it themselves in their bathtubs.

2. Tanqueray Gin is the perfect balance of four classic gin botanicals; juniper, coriander, angelica, liquorice.

3. The creator, Charles Tanqueray, perfected his London Dry gin 180 years ago.

4. Alexander Gordon - who created Gordon's gin - teamed up with Charles Tanqueray and created two of the world's first craft gins to date.

5. The modern day myth that gin is a depressant? It all stems from the Gin Craze, when people were dying due to poor quality homemade gin. Let that be a lesson...

6. Madonna, Notorious BIG, Bruce Springstein, Snoop Dogg, Keith Richards AND 50 Cent have all featured Tanqueray in their lyrics.


Looking for the perfect quilt-free summer cocktail, we've got it covered...

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