Mum 'Game Of Thrones' Commentary = Funniest Thing Ever

Mum 'Game Of Thrones' Commentary = Funniest Thing Ever

*sigh* 'No mum. That's not Dumbledore...'

Mums eh?

I mean, mums are the best (obvs), but certain things just don’t sit right with them. It’s like a cats vs cucumbers situation. Some stuff, mums just don’t do well.

Texting. Prime example. When my mum started using ‘text speak’ I was horrified. After twenty years of having the mother pick up on every grammatical mistake I’d ever make in a normal conversation (even worse, when I’m on the damn mobile, mum back off), to have her suddenly start sending me textual phone messages using phrases like ‘c u’ and ‘lol’ was just plain weird.

Coincidently, she still believes ‘lol’ means lots of love. I still haven’t corrected her. Small victories.

Which leads me swiftly on to the point in question. Ever tried watching Game of Thrones with your mum? Or even better, your nan? Trust me. It’s an experience.

With more nudity, bloodshed, incest and butchery then you can shake a stick/sword at, I think you’ll agree that GoT isn’t your conventional piece of classic matriarch programming. Emmerdale, it ain’t. However, mums are seriously into it, and their collective live punditry on the HBO show is fast becoming the latest internet (or ‘interweb’, thanks Nan) phenom.

If you are at work or reading this on your lunch break, do yourselves a favour and search YouTube for ‘mum watching red wedding’. No seriously, you’re in for a treat.

Also, ever spent (on average) twenty minutes every Monday night post-episode trying to explain the Lannister dynasty to your *slightly baffled* looking ma? Yeah, I’ve been there. Actual quote below:

Mum: ‘But they’re brother and sister.’

Me: ‘Yes.’

Mum: ‘Is she having it off with the dwarf too?’

*face palm*

Also, who says ‘having it off’ anymore apart from your mum? I mean.

Take a look below at some of my favourite GoT mum commentary moments from the glorious platform that is the world wide web. And please, feel encouraged to share your own. We'd love to hear them.

So until next Monday’s GoT (where more naked people will inevitably be ‘having it off’), check out these slices of mum comedy gold…

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