The 7 Best Food Subscription Boxes To Cure Your Munchies

The 7 Best Food Subscription Boxes To Cure Your Munchies

Always hungry but bored of toast? These are the tastiest food and snack subscription boxes to keep your cupboards stocked

Sorry, Glossybox, there’s a new subscription service in town. Switch your beauty box for the UK’s best food and snack subscription services, keeping the munchies at bay all month long. 

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The Spicery
If your home cooking is starting to feel bland, The Spicery is the food subscription box for you. From Indian curries and baking flavours to vegetarian spices and tastes from street food around the world, The Spicery sends a selection of spices through your letterbox from £22 a month. 


Cheese Posties
The name says it all – this food subscription box sends a different flavour of cheese toastie through your letterbox every week, including sweet and savoury variations. If you’re wondering how this works, Cheese Posties send you a deconstructed meal and a toastie bag in a letterbox-friendly size, then you just put it all together and toast. There are gluten-free, nut allergy and vegetarian options too, from £3.99 a week.  


Looking for snacks that change the world? Chika Russell just launched Snack4Change, a snack subscription box where 38% of each purchase  will help underpriveliged children in Africa get an education. The all-vegan and gluten-free mix of nuts, crisps and snacks have an African flavour, but you can choose the mix you want. From £4.99.


Vegan Tuck Box
Hungry vegans will love Vegan Tuck Box, a selection of delicious biscuits, sweets, crisps, nuts and fruit from around the world, packaged up in Variety (£9.50) or Ultimate (£16.50) subscription boxes. Yes, there are kale chips, but there’s also lemon cookies, curry mixes and sticky toffee mug cakes.


The OG snack subscription box just keeps getting better and better. Graze’s huge offering of sweet, savoury and liquid snacks is sent to your door on a weekly basis. You tell them what you like, love and hate, and they adjust your next box according to your tastes. Sign up now, from £3.99.   


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The Baking Club
Dry ingredients? Check. Recipe? Included. All those extras you might need, like cookie cutters? They’re all in this monthly, quarterly or six-monthly baking box, cooked up by Michel Roux, with your first box from just £3.99. Ready, steady, BAKE!


Will you be signing up to any of these food subscription boxes? Let us know your favourite snacks below…

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