Meet The Fitness Blogger Who Loves Chocolate, Nandos And Pizza - And Isn't Afraid To Say It

Meet The Fitness Blogger Who Loves Chocolate, Nandos And Pizza - And Isn't Afraid To Say It

Health and fitness blogger Instagrams might seem all diet breakfasts and healthy meal ideas, but Chloe Helen Miles still loves chocolate, Nandos and pizza. Meet your new favourite fitness blogger who believes in everything in moderation

Chloe Helen Miles is the kind of fitness blogger we really, really like. Her Instagram might be picture perfect, full of bikini-clad holiday snaps and avocado toast (of course), but the girl can still get real when it comes to food and fitness. She still loves Nandos and pizza, and says there’s no reason not to treat yourself every once in a while.

Chloe recently opened up on her blog about her journey to the healthy body she has now, and actually revealed that she hasn't hit the gym for over two months. Chloe revealed that when she first started working out, she was underweight and had a dangerous relationship with food and her body. Over time, Chloe worked out a gym routine that suited her, but struggled to balance everything when she faced exams and essays. Girl, we do not blame you - there need to be more hours in the day. "I didn’t have the time or the effort to go to the gym. I felt so bad for not going" she wrote on her blog. But instead of beating herself up, Chloe dropped the gym to focus on her exams and overall well-being. "Sometimes what’s best for your body isn’t best for your brain and you need to find somewhere in-between" she wrote. Now that is what we call a healthy approach to fitness.

We spoke to Chloe at Depop’s Shop My Closet event, where she revealed her fitness secrets, how she feels about make-up in the gym and her tips for those who always have an excuse not to exercise.

What are your favourite fashion or fitness apps to use on your phone?
For fashion, Depop is the one that I use the most. I’m not a massive believer in fitness apps because I think they can really corrupt people, especially young girls. Calorie counters that tell you you’re eating too much create a really bad mindset towards food and fitness as a whole. If you just want to be fit and healthy, it’s everything in moderation.

So is that your approach to fitness, everything in moderation?
Yeah. I used to be quite bad and got into the midnset that I can’t eat too much because I’ll get fat, but I got myself a personal trainer and she taught me not to think like that. When you are going to the gym, you need so much good food. I don’t think people realise that when you start exercising, you need to eat more. If you’re eating well you should never feel hungry.

What’s your day to day diet like?
I really like eggs for breakfast; poached eggs or dippy eggs are always a winner for me. Lunchtimes, I’m really a rice and veg and chicken kind of girl, but I have a lot of Nandos dressings at home, and piri salt! I do like eating rubbish as well.

So what do you have when you want to treat yourself?

Oh god, what don’t I have. I’m a real sucker for chocolate, I don’t really have a sweet tooth, but chocolate I am mad on. For a cheat meal, I’d probably have a curry or a pizza, they’re like my two biggest things.

What’s your current fitness plan?
I do change it up a lot of the time because if you keep it the same you just get bored and you’re working the same muscles over and over, so you don’t get as much of an all over benefit. I always look on Instagram, because there are so many quick, 15 second exercises, and there’s always something that you’ve never done before. Some things work for some people and don’t for others, but you have to make sure that you enjoy it because if you think ‘oh I need to go to the gym, I can’t be bothered’, it’s not going to benefit you. A lot of people benefit more from classes that from doing it alone.

Because you’re surrounded by people?
Yeah, you’ve got a bunch of people with you and the music’s going and you’re doing everything in time. Plus you don’t want to fail in front of anyone else, so you kind of push yourself that little bit harder than you would if you were on your own.

What’s the tip you would give for people who always have an excuse not to exercise?

Try and find a class, go along and see how you like it, and I think the more classes you try, the more you find what kind of your thing you like. Once you find it, you’ll be happy to go to the gym!


What do you like to wear in the gym?
When I first started out I’d probably wear leggings, a t-shirt, maybe a sports bra, but now I’ve got lace up gym leggings, mesh insert gym leggings, and I think it actually makes you want to go a bit more.

I was just going to say, do you think it does affect your mood?
You feel more confident if you can find some gymwear that you feel like you look good in, it’s a lot more motivating than if you’ve got a big baggy t-shirt and trousers on and you’re feeling a bit of a lump. These days, sportswear is so nice and I think ‘should I wear this to the gym or should I wear it out’?

What about make-up in the gym?
I don’t like to go anywhere without make-up on because I’ve got quite bad acne scars from when I was younger, but I use CC cream in the gym because it’s just a bit lighter. I don’t want to wear my thick MAC foundation because I’m just sweating and clogging up my whole face.

If there’s one mantra you’d like to give to your followers, what would that be?
My biggest life lesson that I learned last year is to try and live life in the moment, and do as much as you can. Do what you want to do (within limits!) and do it now because you just don’t know how long you have.

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