Elle Macpherson’s Diet Includes Chocolate, Chlorophyll And A LOT Of Water

Elle Macpherson’s Diet Includes Chocolate, Chlorophyll And A LOT Of Water

Elle Macpherson eats chocolate?! There's hope...

Elle Macpherson isn’t known as The Body for no reason. The supermodel, businesswoman, actress and now health supplement creator is lean, toned and just as youthful as she was 20 years ago, so when she talks about her diet, we’re going to listen.

So from her ‘simple’ diet to the best advice she’s ever received, Elle spoke to The New Potato on how to get that body…

Yes, You Can Eat Cookies For Breakfast
Elle starts her day with 500ml of lemon water, followed by papaya, peach, pineapple and kiwi with chia seed pudding, oatmeal or an egg on spelt toast. She then drinks an espresso with almond cookies, followed by more water. 

How To Snack Like Elle…
‘A shake made of Super Elixir Nourishing Protein Powder, almond milk and a frozen banana with 500 ml of water, or Lemonade made of 500 ml water with cayenne pepper, lemon and agave, with a hand full of almonds and dried fruit, blitzed’.

The classic fish and vegetables, or plant protein and vegetables with 500ml of water.

More plants! Elle likes a plant-based protein salad with goats cheese, quinoa, red rice or sweet potato, and some fish. She then has dark chocolate, and more water. 

Beauty From The Inside Out?
It’s easy! Love, laughter and water! Elle believes in wellness, ‘which to me means “easy does it all year long”. It’s really simple: Eat vegetables, fruits and lean protein, a little bit of dark chocolate – if that’s what you like – and lots of water. Nothing too extreme; it’s all about balance and trying a little bit every day’.

Go Alkaline
Elle is famous for her PH-balanced diet, which she believes ‘combats disease, encourages cellular renewal and anti-ages’. Bold claims. Elle told The New Potato that she felt run-down until she met Simone Laubscher, who specialises in nutrition and told Elle that all that jet-setting, stress and worry was making Elle’s body more acidic, as well as not sleeping enough, eating too much red meat and dairy and not enough greens. You could try alkaline water for an easy way in... 

The Best Foods…
Elle loves coconut water, avocados, grains, fruit and fish.

And The Worst?
Wheat, sugar and dairy.

The Foods To Eat For Glowy Skin
It’s all about balancing the acidity in your skin, according to Elle. ‘When you feed this organ all the right nutrients, especially all the grasses and chlorophyll – in absorbable form – it can function and look and feel its best. Dairy, red wine and cheese are all supposed to show on your face’. Elle also praises super greens like barley grass, alfalfa, spinach, wheatgrass and spirulina. 

Elle LOVES Water
She credits drinking 3 litres a day as the best advice she’s ever received

Her Last Meal Would Be Chocolate
That, plus some sort of whipped cream.

And as for her workout? Here's how to get Elle Macpherson's body

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