6 Instagrams To Follow To ACTUALLY Learn Something From

6 Instagrams To Follow To ACTUALLY Learn Something From

Laters, selfies and sun salutations! Here's where to get a little education on fashion, film, fishes (and more) while you scroll…

We all do it, in pretty much every spare minute of the day — that infinite scroll steals hours of our life… A cute dog being washed in a sink, a dreamy bathroom with a freestanding bath, a hilarious Donald Trump meme, a colourful breakfast idea you’d never have time to make. But imagine if you could get something positive from this perusing?!

Like the Insta-equivalent of a TED Talk, here are the Instagram accounts to follow for fun facts on your phone…

1. Reference Bank

Described in its blurb as ‘a tool to widen your creative references & expand your practice’, Reference Bank is a cool account with a lot of information with every picture, ranging from art and photography to fashion and film.


2. And Other Histories

About ‘madness, sex, death and the freakish’, this account is as intriguing and addictive as you can imagine. Covering art, history and literature, it takes you to museums, galleries and book shops all over the world.


3. FJ Daily News

Fuck Jerry isn’t known for being that serious about anything, but as well as a penchant for memes, Elliot Tebele has a new Instagram with bitesize news updates.


4. National Geographic

It’s a no brainer — the best of the best when it comes to wildlife photographers, plus explanations and facts in the captions, as well as links to the photographers own feeds… There’s a LOT of hours to be spent scrolling.


5. Milkwood

An excellent feed about all areas of ‘liking like it matters’, including mushroom cultivation, foraging and growing stuff — with handy tips if you fancy a little break from city lyf.


6. NOAA Fisheries

Fan of fish? This feed is about science-based conservation for sustainable living marine resources and healthy ecosystems but it’s not boring (if that’s what you’re thinking) — loads of fun seal pictures, as well as eco news and goings-on.

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