There's A Brilliant New App That’ll Deliver Wine To Your Flat

There's A Brilliant New App That’ll Deliver Wine To Your Flat

You'll never need to leave the house again

As a wine expert, I spend a huge amount of time talking about, thinking about and, let’s face it, drinking wine - all in the name of hunting down the best new trends in booze. One thing that’s stopped me in my tracks lately is ‘Drop’, a brand new wine delivery app that means you can now get wine delivered right to your door. Let’s just say that one more time: wine delivered right to your door. Dangerous, right?

Launched by the lovely chaps behind the 10 Cases wine bar in Covent Garden, Drop is an app-based service that promises delivery within the hour to your home, workplace or even your picnic rug, and it’s been the talk of the wine-industry it-crowd. 

Not one to be beaten by FOMO, I tried it out on an impromptu girls' night in, and I’m here to give you the goss. 

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Found under ‘Drop Wine Delivery’ on the app store, it’s super easy to use and looks gorgeous from a design perspective, with a fun carousel of all the bottles for you to scroll through. With a cool selection of recognisable names as well as unusual gems, you can click into each wine for more info and you’ll find bite-size descriptions and fun facts in refreshingly easy language, along with tantalising tasting notes.

You can filter by the usual things like price and style, but also by mood or by food which is a nice touch, and you can even save your favourites - so next time you’re running late for that dinner party you’ve got your own personal wine cellar right there in your pocket and you can order on the go. How cool is that?!

We went for a bottle of juicy Beaujolais from Morgon for red and Le Grappin Chardonnay from the Macon in Burgundy for white - I’m really loving Chardonnay right now, it has this misunderstood reputation as oaky and difficult but that’s a hangover from the styles of the 80s - nowadays it’s mostly light and refreshing - and this was downright delicious.

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With add-ons straight from the 10 Cases Bistro on offer too, we couldn’t resist adding a fresh baguette and a sliver of Comte cheese, perfect for munching with our wines.

And with that we hit send, and hit the timer to see if this within-the-hour delivery was really possible - and voila - our knight in shining lycra was here to hand deliver the goods before we could say cheese. There’s literally nothing better to open the door to than one of a bundle of cheese and wine.

It’s safe to say I’m totally fangirling over Drop - from the fun features on the app to the final packaging, it’s just the best thing ever. Even the pricing is a hit - wines start from £7.50 and there’s no minimum order, just a three quid delivery charge.  Anything that makes plonk available to everyone, while keeping you out of the corner shops and the supermarkets is a fave of mine. With more of us taking interest in what we're drinking without wanting to spend a fortune, Drop’s here to prove you don't have to spend a pile of cash to get the good stuff.

Now if anybody needs me, I’ll be spending the rest of winter in hygge with a steady supply of bottles to keep me warm. Thanks Drop x

Words by Abbie Moulton

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