Dr Christian: “Yep, Doctors DO Judge The Way You Look”

Dr Christian: “Yep, Doctors DO Judge The Way You Look”

Dr Christian has seen a lot when it comes to our bodies – and even live on TV. Now, he spills on whether doctors do judge your bodies, and the one health tip ALL women should follow

Dr Christian Jessen is your go-to medical man for all those embarrassing body problems, and has quite literally seen it all. We caught up with him at the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home's Collars & Coats Gala Ball, where he revealed what really goes through a doctor’s mind when they’re checking out your private parts.

What’s the question you get asked the most?
“What’s this?” is the most frequent one! I get anything and everything. The strange thing about being a doctor is people expect you to know everything, including recipes, where places are, the best restaurants, let alone every weird and wonderful condition you can think of!

Be honest, are doctors ever judging what we look like when you’re examining us?
I think it would be a lie to say no, we’re only human and every human judges another human being! I think the difference is, as a doctor, the novelty of seeing things wears off very, very quickly. When you watch people on one of my shows, it’s still novel. For me, this is what we do every day. And believe me - when you’ve seen one willy, you’ve seen them all.

If you could give us one quick health hack, what would it be?
Girls, you’re not lifting weights enough. That’s my number one top tip for women. Instead of going on treadmills for 40 minutes and going nowhere, start lifting weights. It’s effective, it helps you control your weight better, it gets you fit and it’s faster. Running on a treadmill is fine, but it’s never going to manage your weight.

If you didn’t present it, would you ever appear on Embarrassing Bodies?
Probably not, because I am actually painfully shy which I know you probably wont believe. I’ve had to teach myself how to do this, it doesn’t come naturally.   

Will we see you back on Embarrassing Bodies?
We don’t know! I’ve got a show coming out next week called House of Hypochondriacs, and Why Do The Rich Live Longer, so I’ve kind of been doing other things. We’ve made an awful lot of Embarrassing Bodies, it was on for eight years. I’d love to come back but I can’t promise you because we’ve sort of moved on to other stuff.

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