Donkey Kicks: They Sound Funny But They'll Give You A Bum Like Karlie Kloss's

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Fitness blogger Cat Meffan AKA Imperfect Matter shows us how to get an ass like Karlie Kloss...

It used to be all about getting flat abs, but ever since the #belfie started trending on Instagram (thanks Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj,) getting a toned ass has moved way up the body priority list. From squat challenges to ass blast classes, not a day goes by without someone claiming they've found the answer to glorious glutes. So when we heard there was one simple move that promised to sculpt our ass to rival Karlie Kloss's (see photo evidence below) we were intrigued.


Dubbed 'Donkey Kicks' according to University of Wisconsin-La Crosse researchers they cause a higher degree of muscle activation in both the gluteus maximus and gluteus minimums than many other commonly performed butt exercises i.e. squats. Plus they're way less severe on your knees and back. No wonder, they're the second move of the month in Adidas's #workit Summer Series. As fitness blogger Cat Meffan explains: 'When it comes to feeling the burn, I love working my glutes! This is a brilliant exercise that also targets your core and shoulders.' Three body parts for the price of one? Now this sounds like our type of exercise. 

Watch Cast demonstate how to effectively perform donkey kicks in the video above and follow the instructions below. Ps. if anything calls for listening to Meghan Trainor's All About That Bass on loud then it's this. 


Donkey kicks:

1. On hands and knees, raise right foot behind body so that sole of the foot faces the ceiling.

2. Push foot up to the ceiling, using glutes and then straighten leg and push behind you.

3. Continue alternating for 30 seconds. Repeat on left side, rest for 30 seconds and repeat 2 more times.


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