Doing The 5:2? You NEED To Meet Our Amazing New Food Writer

Doing The 5:2? You NEED To Meet Our Amazing New Food Writer

If you’ve ever been stuck on what to eat when you’re limited to just 500 calories two days a week, Elly Curshen is your saviour with her totally delicious Fast Day Ideas.

Meet Elly Curshen – otherwise known as Elly Pear – our new resident food writer who will be inspiring you in the kitchen if you’re doing the 5:2. Elly will be feeding you some AMAZING fast day ideas that are totally delicious AND help you stick to your 500 daily calories twice a week, and you can look forward to her first recipe this Sunday morning (just in time for you to do the food shopping!). But before drool over all that delicious food, let’s meet the girl herself.

Who is this Elly Pear character? She sounds pretty cool.

Her real name is Elly Curshen, but since she opened the Pear Café in central Bristol in 2006, she’s been known to everyone as Elly Pear. The café is known for fresh, delicious, handmade food including cracking sandwiches, soups and frittata. Their signature dish is butterscotch and plain chocolate brownies. We’ve tasted them: they’re flippin’ amazing. When she’s not at work you can find her holidaying with the food writer Gizzi Erskine and hanging out with TV presenters Laura Jackson and Alice Levine.

How come she’s so good a sticking to the 5:2?

She’d seen other friends who worked in the food industry as chefs and writers having real results, so decided to give it a go. She lost a stone in the first five months and says she finds it easy to stick to, but it takes discipline. “There’s no room for dipping your toe in – you do it properly or you don’t do it at all”.

What food floats her boat then?

She loves prawns on a fast day (nice and low in calories) but is a big fan of seafood in general, so can often be found devouring a plate of crab, lobster and/or clams. She likes to drink sherry (“cold fino and salty snacks is my favourite thing”) and eating out at trendy joints like Bell’s Diner in Bristol and 40 Maltby Street in London.

She looks rather stylish, too…

Elly has become a little obsessed by her Grenson Emily brogues. “As soon as I bought them, everything else had to come up to par! I'm drawn to menswear styling generally and have about a tenth of the clothes I used to. I lost weight, nothing fitted anymore and I decided to stop buying cheap clothes and just start building up my new (much smaller!) wardrobe over time.”

Check back on Sunday to see the first of Elly’s delicious fast day ideas.

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