Flexitarianism, Detox Teas And 7 Other Trends We'll Be Trying In 2017

Flexitarianism, Detox Teas And 7 Other Trends We'll Be Trying In 2017

Move over avo on toast and forget the 5:2 diet...

It's official, ordering a skinny latte and avocado on rye toast is so 2016. Instead for 2017, you'll be asking for that latte to be golden and the toast to be sweet potato. Both Pinterest and Whole Foods have released their trend predicitons for 2017. Here's what we're all going to be sipping, slurping and snapping next year...


Buddha Bowls

Search for these bowls of grains and greens are up 200% say Pinterest. Sometimes dubbed hippie or glory bowls, they ususally include quiona and lots of colourful vegetables like sweet potatos, roasted beetroot, avocado and seed toppings all neatly layered up and presented in a bowl. And according to food and restaurant consultancy group Baum + Whiteman in New York, bowls in general will be the most popular serving vessel of 2017. Just think about all the bowl food trends that took over our Instagram feeds in 2016 - we're talking smoothie bowls, acai bowls and goodness bowls. Even Nigella Lawson's latest book has a section dubbed 'Bowl Food.'






According to Whole Foods, this is going to be one of the biggest food trends of 2017. It essentially means cutting down on your intake of meat. Anyone that has watched Leonardo DiCaprio's documentary Before the Flood, will know just how important reducing our consumption of beef is to climate change. As the 'Flex' in the name suggests there are no fixed rules when it comes to being a flexitarian. You might decide to eat meat only on weekends, only when you eat out or even just decide that having meat at dinner rather than at lunch too is your way of managing it. 


An Asian tree fruit, this is part of the fig family and is said to have a fibrous flesh and texture making it ideal for replacing meat with a similar feel. Apparently it's great as an alternative to pulled pork. We guess all those Flexitarians will be buying it.  

Detox Teas

Forget dry January and juice cleanses, next year everyone will be tea-toxing. But we're not talking about those dodgy brands advertised on the tube promising you to lose half your body weight. Instead, it's all about making your own DIY teas. Think adding ginger to green tea for an immunity boost, or lemon and cinnamon in hot water for a detox. 



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Healthy Crisps

2016 may have seen the opening of London's first ever crisp-only cafe but our search for a healthier alternative to the traditional deep fried and salted version is only set to increase. Towards the end of 2016 the search term 'healthy crisps' was up 83% on Pinterest. Think munching on packets of kale, courgette, parsnip and even cabbage crisps instead of potato.


Hailing from Germany, this finely chopped and fermented cabbage is set to be our go-to side order. High in probiotics that are good for your gut, it's also dead cheap to make yourself. A budget January trend we are totally on-board with.


Taking our poké obsession to the next level is Kinilaw. Hailing from the Philippines it's like ceviche but often features meat too. Marinated with sugar cane or coconut vinegar plus various vegetables, it's then left in coconut milk for about 15 minutes before being served. Ordering regular sushi is like so 2012.


Named as Google’s 'breakout star’ in their food trends report, this superfood is set to become even more mainstream in 2017. High in anti-oxidants, its bright yellow hue also make it highly Instagrammable. Test how on-trend your local food haunt is by asking for a golden latte.



Sweet Potato Toast

Low-carb and paleo friendly, sweet potato toast is gearing up to become the go-to breakfast base for 'clean eating' fans. To make it all you need it a toaster, a knife and a sweet potato, obvs. Slice it thinly, then simply pop it in the toaster as you would do with a piece of bread. Butter and jam optional.

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