Doing Dry January? Here's What To Drink To Feel Like You're Not

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InStyle's Project 13 Social And Drinks Influencer Rich Woods has the perfect alcohol free tipple to get you through Dry January...

If you're putting yourself through the torture of 'Dry January,' then this week you're going to be facing into your second alcohol free weekend. Let's face it, saying no to a drink can be difficult at the best of times, nevermind when the weather is miserable (i.e. an ideal pub day excuse,) everyone is feeling down post two weeks of festive parties and your friends that haven't taken on the challenge are nagging you to 'go on, have just one!'

But surely the shame and sense of failure of quitting now is worse than saying a firm no for the next couple of weeks. To help you finish the challenge, Appletiser Alchemist and InStyle's Project 13 Social And Drinks Influencer Rich Woods has created a cocktail that gives you all the buzz of a G&T but without any of the alcohol kick. You could even trick your non Dry Jan mates into thinking that it isn't a mocktail.

Watch the video above to see Rich talk you through the steps. Plus click here to read our interview with the mixologist where he talks blue cheese and chocolate Martinis and lets us in on his secret hangover cure...


Detox Spritz

25ml Monin jasmine syrup
10ml elderflower cordial
65ml Appletiser
1 apple (garnish)
1 mint sprig (garnish)

You will also need a tall highball glass



For the apple fan...

1.       Cut an apple in half, along the core

2.       Slice the core from the apple, so you are left with just the flesh

3.       Being careful not to cut yourself, thinly slice the apple into 1-2mm slices

4.       Now spread the slices apart as if you are opening a fan

For the drink...

1.       Add the Monin Jasmine syrup, elderflower cordial and Appletiser to a highball glass

2.       Gently stir

3.       Add a few cubes of ice

4.       Add the apple fan and a mint sprig for garnish


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