Dating Apps: How To Find The Best Dating App For You

Dating Apps: How To Find The Best Dating App For You

From Tinder to Happn: Dating apps and how to find the best dating app for you...

Dating apps have revolutionised the world of online dating, but finding the right dating app for you can often be a bit of a lottery. Tinder, free datingHappn, Bumble, there are honestly so many to choose from that singletons new to the dating world can get a bit confused. And, free dating apps don't necessarily mean the best dating apps, so that's why we've rounded up all of the dating apps out there to help you find the right one. From the classic Tinder app to Woo Plus, welcome to the world of dating apps and online dating... 

Best for; the 48% 'heartbroken Remain voters' who opted to stay in the EU
Location; UK

This excellently bonkers idea is in development after 'two ordinary voters' had the idea to 'cheer everyone up after a dismal day' and stop daters accidentally falling in love with someone who voted Leave in the EU referendum. It started off as a joke but snowballed when the site had loads of people signing up for the idea: 'Voted to Remain, and looking for love? What better way to recover than hooking up with someone who shares your sense of existential dread?'. We're on it.

Tab Dating 
Best for; taking the work out of finding a match
Location; London, but will expand to other cities

This Google Chrome extension isn't strictly an app, but it's still a digital dating aid. The service grabs a profie picture and your age from Facebook, which you can edit later. Every time you open a new tab, Tab Dating matches you with a potential partner. It does have a 'mute for work' mode, too.

Best for; Plus-size dating
Location; UK

WooPlus is a dating app especially tailored for plus size singles, and those interested in men and women with a bigger body. The "simple, safe and fun environment" works much like Tinder, with a profile you can swipe yes or no to.

Best for; getting quizzical
Location; London, but will expand to the rest of the UK

“No more matches based on looks alone!”, Jingle is the dating app that matches you with someone on a personality basis. You take a short, picture-based psychological test, then you’re paired with someone who has similar personality traits. There’s an incognito mode to stop your friends or colleagues seeing you on the app as well.

Best for; female daters sick of dodgy messages
Location; UK

Bumble is the female-first dating app, where women have to make the first move. After you match, women have 24 hours to send a message or the connection disappears forever. If you’re wondering how this works for gay users, anyone can make the first move.

Best for; finding that hot commuter you passed earlier
Location; UK

Seen someone attractive and wish you got their number? Happn could be the answer – the dating app uses your location to show you other users you’ve crossed paths with, telling you where and when it happened (get it?!). You can read more about Happn here. 

Best for; when you’re out of date ideas
Location; London, with plans to expand

If you’re bored of pubs and restaurants, LINKD will do the thinking for you and suggest possible date locations based on your mutual interests. The dating app is free for up to 25 views per day, but you can pay for more. 

Mouse Mingle
Best for; Disney obsessives
Location; UK

This Disney dating app aims to give you your fairytale ending, by matching you with other like-minded Disney fans. Answer questions about your favourite princesses and Disney characters to find your Prince (or Princess) Charming. Here's why we can't get enough of the Disney dating app.  

Best for; meat lovers
Location; UK

If you can’t imagine a breakfast without those streaky rashers, Sizzl is the dating app for you. Specify your bacon preferences in the bacon questionnaire, and then get matching. Show the intensity of your attraction by holding down the ‘sizzl’ button for longer. 

Best for; dog lovers
Location; UK

We’re not entirely sure whether this dating app is trying to match-make you or your dog, but if you’re a puppy lover it’s worth a shot. Upload pictures and details of your dog, as well as yourself, and then swipe away.  

Best for; a hand-picked match
Location; UK

Once’s real-life human match-makers hand pick one match a day, just for you, and you have 24 hours to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. You can send one message to your love interest before they match back (with handy hints on what to say).

Best for; beardy lovers
Location; UK

Described as the “Tinder for beards”, this dating app hooks up beardy men with beard-loving partners. There’s a beard rating option, so users know if they need to up their game, and also a ‘Lothario detector’, which alerts you if a message has just been copied and pasted. 

Best for; fitness freaks
Location; UK

As the name suggests, Sweatt matches you with potential love interests based on your exercise habits, including the type of workout, frequency and preferred time of day. Profile pictures are a lot of gym selfies and ab snaps, and you’ve got 21 days to chat or your match disappears.  

The Inner Circle
Best for; the dating elite
Location; UK

Users need to be approved before they're accepted to the Inner Circle, based on criteria like career focus, education and mutual friends. Once you’re in, “high-end” matches from across the globe are presented, with regular events hosted by The Inner Circle, too.

Best for; trusting your match
Location; UK

Hinge offers you potential matches through your mutual friends, so you can check up on anyone you’re interested in. Each day, you see a set of people, including their first name and mutual friends, getting their last name after you match. Hinge will also disclose if the person you are chatting to is in a relationship.

Best for; everyone
Location; everywhere

Come on, you must already know about Tinder. There's even some celebrities on Tinder, if you look hard enough. If you want to brush up on those right swipes, here’s how to get more Tinder matches

If dating apps don't do it for you (it's even been said dating apps increase STDs, but these experts aren't convinced...), why not try offline dating? And get your hands on the dating book New Yorkers swear by, Read Bottom Up, too. 

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