21 Signs You're Actually Dating A Hipster

21 Signs You're Actually Dating A Hipster

Does he grind his own coffee beans? Yes? No brainer...

Hipsters eh?

Come on. We love them. We do.

If you're a single person then your Tinder feed is undoubtedly chock-full of beards, artsy Instagrams and profilers listing a love of fixies/vinyl/butchery. If you are already toting a trendy plus one, here's how to tell whether or not you've fallen prey to the 'secret hipster' and their wily ways, because let's face it - no one wants to ADMIT that they are actually a hipster right?

But if your chap is displaying one, or all of the below, then we hate to break it to you ladies... you are definitely dating a hipster.


1. He wears a beanie, even when it's forty degrees outside
And it MUST sit on the crown of the head... jauntily. How does it stay in that perfect sailor-style position? No one knows.

2. He grinds his own coffee beans
And have sourced said beans from an organic plantation, by way of Whole Foods.

3. He's (probably) a graphic designer
Freelance. We'll have none of your corporate BS here thank you very much.

4. He rides a fixie
Single speed. Lightweight. 'It's the purest form of cycling' apparently. The lycra shorts with the padded bum though? Really lads?

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5. Sleeves
Fully tattooed sleeves, with at least one being completed in Amsterdam or LA. Finger ink? Award yourself 100 hipster bonus points.

6. Kicks
Hipsters are fiercely brand loyal, especially when it comes to trainers. No doubt, the boy has a better sneaker collection than you. Fact.

7. Plaid shirts
In a variety of different colours and checks, to be worn with either...

8. A denim gilet
Strong look. Only attempted by the most committed of hipster folk, or...

9. Braces
Only the brave. Only the brave.

10. He only buys vinyl
Record Store Day IS a national holiday. No breakfast dates that day, unless you are INVESTED in finding that rare Radiohead 7"...

11. He's more than familiar with avocados
And Instagrams them. A lot. More than you. Which is nuts.

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12. He has done a taxidermy/butchery/foraging course
Woodturning was SO last year.

13. His pad is like something from Pinterest
Complete with cheese plants, pallet bed and a collection of vintage cameras. Artfully arranged on his IKEA Billy bookcase.

14. He owns a cat
Named something ironic like Karl or Ian. A cat 'suits his lifestyle'.

15. He has some kind of facial hair
From a basic beard to an elaborately preened moustache, face fur is essential.

16. He only drinks craft beer
And likes to talk about it. Especially if you're sat there nursing a pint of Carling. Hashtag, beer heathen.

17. He 'respects' Drake
And Taylor Swift? Baffling.

18. He's down with the newest street food fad
'Poutine is officially over, babe.'

19. He'd mad into socks
Statement socks. With cactus motifs. Unless...

20. He's rocking a classic dap
Then it's sans socks. Obvs.

21. And finally, despite being a hipster, he's just the bloody best
Sure, we don't know much about creating our own sourdough starter but hipsters, despite the good natured shade we occasionally throw your way, we actually adore you. Long may you tickle our fancy with your outrageous beards. 

Meet you by the gourmet hot dog stand...


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