The 12 Best Date Ideas According To Star Sign

The 12 Best Date Ideas According To Star Sign

Dating a Virgo?

Dating according to your horoscope isn't a new thing, in fact quite a few people put a lot of stock into their zodiac compatibility and measure potential dates based on star signs. Ok, we agree that it's not necessarily the first fact you pop onto your online profile, however once you've secured yourself a date, why not explore the notion that you can tailor events to suit their star sign? Come on, it could be a sure fire way to 100% nail that first impression, right?

We spoke to Match dating expert Kate Taylor about zodiac dating, compatibility, and coming up with inspired date ideas based on your horoscope. According to her, there are some pretty great date ideas to arrange that'll push all the right astrological buttons.

Read on star-gazers...

If he's an... ARIES
'Aries loves the thrill of the chase, so take them somewhere fun and challenging,' Katie suggests. 'A day at the races would be great, for the sport. Or bring out their competitive side with a day paintballing, playing tennis, or crazy golf.'

TRY: Junkyard Golf Club off London's infamous Brick Lane is a perfect place to take your Aries chap. Nine holes of crazy golf, with courses made up from charity shop razzle and boot sale junk, four bars (serving cocktails like the Golf Lundgren, amazing) and a UV techo section entitled DAFTWERK. It's a hole (sorry) lot of fun.

If he's a... TAURUS
'Taurus rules the throat, which makes them love food - and singing. They often have surprisingly good voices, so karaoke would be a good bet. If they’re shy, let someone else do the singing at a concert or opera, while you make sweet music in the stalls.'

TRY: If you haven't already tried Hip Hop Karaoke, then get ready daters. Taking place every Thursday at The Social on London's Little Portland Street, Hip Hop Karaoke encourages singers to bring all their game to the stage, so if he's a Taurean (and a NWA fan) you're night is sorted.

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If he's a... GEMINI
'Quick-thinking Geminis are easily bored, so don’t do the traditional drinks and dinner. Instead, try a live comedy night, or an Open Mic event, where a succession of hilarious performers can keep them laughing. Stimulating their brain is the way to their heart.'

TRY: Downstairs at the King's Head is one of the oldest comedy clubs in the UK (with more than thirty years of laughs under it's belt), and every Thursday you can catch some of the finest news acts on the circuit - many of whom have waited over a month for a spot on this prestigious bill. Situated in Crouch End, this legendary boozer also serves some rather nice beer. Excellent first date fodder.

If he's a... CANCER
'Cancerians love their homes so much, it might be hard to winkle them out for an evening. On second or third dates, go round to their place - they’ll love the familiarity, and you’ll love the fuss they make of you. For first dates, keep things low-key and comfy with dinner at a rustic, charming restaurant that, ideally, serves sea food.'

TRY: For amazing seafood (and crab, come on, it's obvious) you can't beat Beast, the restaurant with the swankiest surf n'turf in town. From the same people that brought London the genius Burger & Lobster, Beast takes an idea and pimps it tenfold. Think Norwegian king crabs, candlelit tables and your Cancerian beau. 

If he's a... LEO
'Leos are the royalty of the zodiac, so treat them accordingly. Luxury is the only option. Good seats at a musical will appeal to their dramatic side (or the cinema will do, at a push). Don’t go anywhere casual - they hate having to dress-down.'

TRY: Embrace your inner culture-vulture and take your lion to the Royal Opera House for a night of opera. Steeped in history, the Royal Opera House in Covent garden always has a packed schedule of events to choose from, and don't feel bashful if you aren't some closet classical buff - opera really is a spectacle, and can be enjoyed by everyone. Plus, it gives you an excuse to dress all fancy.

If he's a... VIRGO
'Virgos love excellence and have high standards for everyone - including you, and especially including themselves. So don't go anywhere before researching it thoroughly. They also love thriftiness, so don’t be scared of using a money-off voucher — this is the ONE star-sign that will love your cheapness!'

TRY: London is full of great pop-ups and restaurants that offer BYOB - perfect for a Virgo chap who likes quality without paying through the nose for it. Marie's Café in Waterloo is something of an insider foodie institution. By day it serves up traditional greasy spoon fare, by night it serves some ridiculously good Thai food, and more importantly, you can bring along your own wine. Be prepared to queue though. It's that good.

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If he's a... LIBRA
'Charming, lively Librans get a buzz from being surrounded by people, so take them somewhere busy. Live sport, live theatre or live comedy are all good choices, as is live music (if you can get around their kooky musical taste). Go for an early performance so they can go for a drink afterwards and discuss it. They LOVE to talk, and make equally wonderful listeners.'

TRY: The Moth Club in Hackney is THE place to see live music right now, so if your Libra date is a bit of a trendy-music type fellow, then impressive him by booking tickets for something equally trendy there. An ex servicemen's members club, the decor is more than a little retro but it's an awesome spot for some sweaty dancing.

If he's a... SCORPIO
'Brooding Scorpios are the sexiest sign of the zodiac, but don’t go 'there' on the first date or they’ll get bored. Instead, take them somewhere that'll appeal to their love of mystery - a suspenseful film, or a treasure hunt.'

TRY: Always keep an eye on Secret Cinema if you are dating a Scorpio, as they often launch impromptu, one-off nights that'll score you bonus points in the old 'mystery' department. Plus, the whole idea of not knowing quite where you are going, or what you are going to see is very sexy indeed. Check for all forthcoming events.

If he's a... CAPRICORN
'Earthy Capricorns love nature and the countryside, so pack your wellies and go exploring. Geocaching, hiking, or golf all suit their outdoorsy personalities, as does roaming sedately around a National Trust garden.'

TRY: The Old Westmister by Gaslight walk courtesy of London Walks is an evening stroll around London's historic centre. Stops include the ancient Westminster Hall, the Houses of Parliament, the Jewel Tower, and Westminster Abbey. Not only can you soak up the atmosphere, but it's a great excuse to cuddle up with your Capricorn over a thermos of something warm and boozy.

If he's a... SAGITTARIUS
'Sagittarians love to travel, so if you can imbue your first date with foreign charm, you’re sure to trek straight into their heart. A foreign film will charm them, as will dinner involving a far-flung cuisine.'

TRY: Why not take your date around the world for the evening, by taking a gin masterclass at Mr Fogg's Gin Parlour in Covent Garden? Their Gin Safari allows you to try 6 different gins over 90 minutes, plus two expertly mixed gin and tonics for good measure. They also have a magician down in the bar on Fridays. We like.

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If he's an... AQUARIUS
'Aquarians are open-minded, tirelessly friendly, and kind. So, they’ll probably like any date idea you suggest. Dinner is risky as they're usually incredibly fussy eaters, so opt for action: Laserquest, Salsa dancing, climbing walls, hiking.'

TRY: The Arch climbing wall in Bermondsey contains over 11,000 square feet of bouldering wall, which reaches about 4 metres in height - perfect for those more adventurous Aquarius types. Take an introduction class with one of the centre's experienced instructors, before taking your date for some post-climb street food in nearby Borough Market.

If he's a... PISCES
'Pisces are calmed by water, so a trip to the beach will soothe their frazzled nerves. At a push, an aquarium will do very nicely. Keep things light and don’t be tempted to pour out your own troubles.'

TRY: London's Sea Life Aquarium on the South Bank may seem a bit touristy and cheesy, but once you're inside we dare you not to be romanced by the big blue calm. Plus, penguins. Come on, if you can't bond over penguins then what can you bond over? Once you've had your fishy fill, head out to the river for a spot of naughty vino drinking whilst gazing out across the Thames.

While Match doesn't currently offer a service for people hook-up based on star sign alone, Katie recognises that for some horoscope fans, it's a very important factor. Having said that, she urges singletons to not turn down potential suitors based on bad experiences:  

'I don’t ever want you turning down a date with a guy because he’s a Virgo and your last bad BF was a Virgo,' she states. 'There is so much more to it than that!'

So there you have it singletons. Get that date locked down...

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