Daisy Lowe Lets Us In On Her Secrets To Those Hourglass Curves

From swimming lengths to a super supplement, we find out what's behind those va-va-voom curves…


A little bit rock n roll and a lot gorgeous, Daisy Lowe is officially our new  girl crush. With curves in all the right places, she's the ultra-feminine body icon and game-changing model we can't get enough of. We caught up with her to talk all things online yoga tutorials, why she hates doing squats and her retro body pin-ups she's a little bit in love with. Eat your heart out Marilyn…

We're gonna put it out there, you've got a body that looks amazing in anything, what's your secret?

'I love swimming - it's great for easing water retention, which I tend to get around my legs. You have to do a minimum of 20 m inures for it to be effective, so i try to do 30 to 40 minutes twice a week. I also practise reformer Pilates at Triyoga. If I miss a session, I'll do 500 squats instead,which is horrendous. Five seconds through, I'm like, 'Why am I doing this to myself?'"

What about when you're travelling?

'I try to keep up my exercise routing when I'm travelling. I always take a yoga mat so I can do pilates - I use an amazing tutorial website called blogilates.com. It's also handy if the hotel I'm staying in has a pool so I can swim.'


Any top tips for staying motivated?

'Good music definitely helps you get through exercise. I've got a great playlist of 90s R'n'B that gets me through the intense stuff. I've also started using the time I'm working out to catch up on TV shows. When I'm doing my 500 squats, I'll watch Nashville, which is a great distraction from the pain.'

Speaking of pain, how do you relax after working out?

'Fragrance and make-up are great when you need a mood boost. I wear Diptyque's Geranium Odorata EDT, £65 which is really uplifting. I love Rodial's Glamolash Skinny Mascara, £60 - it's the only one I've tried that doesn't flake - and the Glamsticks, £25 are the best lip balms ever. When I want to spoil myself, I'll have a bath with Neal's Yard Remedies Lavender Bath Salts, £10.50.'


So that's the outside sorted, what about staying healthy inside?

'I take WelleCo's The Super Elixir, £62.50 supplement everyday. It's got every vitamin under the sun in it, so instead of taking loads of pills, I just mix two heaped teaspoons with water and I'm good to go. For the first couple of weeks, it made me break out, as my body was getting rid of toxins, but since then my skin has definitely improved. Also, I'm such a crabby cow if I don't get enough sleep. I need eight hours, and if I get any less, the next day will be, erm, interesting!'

Lastly, you look amazing, but who do you look to for fitspiration?

'Bettie Page, Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind and Patricia Arquette in True Romance are my body pin-ups. They're feminine and gorgeous, and make me feel good about having curves.'

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