How To Cycle Like An Olympian, By Gold Medallist Dani King

How To Cycle Like An Olympian, By Gold Medallist Dani King

Dani King on how to cycle – the right way

Dani King is an Olympic gold medallist with a team track cycling world record under her lycra, so is there anyone better to teach you how to ride the right way? Nope, didn’t think so…

1.  Ride little and often. It’s far better from a training point of view to ride for an hour 5 days a week, rather than one big long ride on the weekend.

2. Set yourself a goal. This will help you focus when the going gets tough and the legs are burning!

3.  Find some friends or a group to ride with – will help the time pass on longer rides.

4. Don’t be afraid to stop for a coffee and a cake – ride hard, but enjoy a coffee stop!

5. Keep track of the training you complete – looking back at your training diary can be really rewarding, and help you keep track of what training you done just before a period when you were really strong.

6. Get a coach and some expert advice! I run a coaching company ‘Rowe & King’, and it’s surprising how many riders get stuck in a rut and struggle to improve. A few tweaks and changes can result in huge improvements.

7. Do some cross training. Mix in some gym work with your cycling to keep yourself mentally fresh.

8. Don’t be afraid to have time off! If you are really busy with work or other commitments – don’t panic train, trying to cram a session in. Take a day off and make your next training day really count.

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Dani King will be participating in The Red Hook Criterium Championship Series, presented by Rockstar Games, which takes place on Saturday 9th July at the Greenwich Peninsula London.

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