Coconut oil is my favourite product for many reasons, the main one being that it is SO cheap and can be used for so many things. It is solid until it reaches 25C which makes it easy to spread or use as a body cream, and when liquid it is easier to use for other purposes. Forget your huge wash bag when you’re packing for your summer holiday, a jar of this is all you’ll need!  

  1. Oil pulling

A friend of mine recommended oil pulling to improve pesky problem skin around my jaw, I have been doing this for a couple of months and have noticed a marked improvement. It is also a nice ritual to start the day.

How to do it: pop a teaspoonful of coconut oil in your mouth and swill it around your teeth and front of your mouth. This is to draw toxins out of your lymph glands. Swill it for a minimum of four minutes, for as long as you feel like doing. The important thing is to keep the oil at the front of your mouth, and not let it go towards your throat because this will mean you are ingesting the toxins. The great benefit to doing this is that coconut oil is rumored to whiten teeth too!

  1. Hair conditioner

As an unnatural blonde I have quite dry hair, especially in summer, this trick keeps my hair healthy and shiny.

How to do it: brush your hair and then rub coconut oil in to the ends and mid section. If you have long hair, tie it up in to a bun to keep away from your clothes. Leave on for as long as you feel like, preferably overnight, and wash as normal.

  1. Body moisturizer

I have very dry patches, especially in the winter. This keeps my skin very soft.

How to do it: warm a tablespoonful of coconut oil between your hands and then rub in to your skin. Use a towel to remove excess oil. You will smell, and look delicious!

  1. Toothpaste

I haven’t tried this one yet but coconut oil can even be used to clean your pearly whites!

How to do it: Mix a tablespoon of coconut oil with a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and then brush and rinse as normal.

  1. Bites and stings

I am a mosquito magnet. They really do love me, This unwanted insect love has ruined my even tan on many holidays. I find a lot of bite products are very drying and chemical but coconut oil is a natural itch reliever and moisturises the angry area at the same time.

How to do it: I find holding a warm spoon on the bite first really takes the itch out. Then apply a thin layer of the oil on the bite, this takes the itch away, the antibacterial properties will speed healing and the oil layer will keep dust and dirt out of your bite.

  1. Cooking

I use coconut oil every day for cooking. It is healthy tasty and is also supposed to be an appetite suppressant so you can eat and quash your hunger pangs in one go. Perfect!

How to do it: I basically use this in place of cooking oils and butter. Spread this wonder oil on rye toast instead of butter. Add a dollop to smoothies for a coconutty taste. Use for frying or baking, add a teaspoon to coffee for an added health benefit and when liquid, use as a delicious base for salad dressing.

      7. Exfoliator

Winter skin is often sallow and dry, using this oil as an exfoliator will get your skin ready for summer.

How to do it: find a nice empty jar, a Kilner will do nicely. Mix rock salt with the oil when it is in liquid form so that it is the texture of a dense scrub. Rub all over your body before showering and you will come out soft as a newborn.

Vita Coco Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is £9.99 from Ocado

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