Looking For The ULTIMATE Chicken Wings Recipe? Well, We've Found It

Looking For The ULTIMATE Chicken Wings Recipe? Well, We've Found It

Cara Ceppetelli from BIRD shares her saucy secrets...

Chicken wings are probably one of the greatest cullinary creations of all time. Come on, what's not to like. Ok veggies, we know you have to sit this one out (check out our delicious recipe for gluten free pizza instead), but for anyone that loves a Friday night chicken wings/beers/pals combo, we've found THE recipe to blow your minds.

Cara Ceppetelli, co-owner of famous London chicken chain BIRD has very kindly shared her secret chicken wings recipe with us, so you can create the perfect round of deliciousness at home - perfect for those long summer evenings spent chilling on a balcony with chums, getting your fingers all sticky. Yummers.

Grab a pen and paper, because this recipe is a bona fide gastro game-changer...

To start you need: 2 pounds / 1 kilo of free range chicken wings - tips removed, and jointed

Brining: The wings go into a buttermilk brine (2-3 cups will do) for 24 hours, submerged in a container (or bowl with cling film) and refrigerated.  We use plain buttermilk but adding a few big dashes of hot sauce or a few pinches of cayenne to the buttermilk works well. For gluten free wings you can use a mixture of rice flour (2 cups) and cornstarch (1 cup).  Alternatively just plain white flour. 

Seasoned with: 1 tbsp each of garlic powder, paprika, cayenne pepper, sea salt and black pepper. You can up the seasoning and spice levels, and feel free to add other spices to your liking too!

Coating: Remove wings from the buttermilk brine and toss in the seasoned flour mix, coating generously, making sure to really clump on the flour so there are no moist bits left.

Fry: In fresh rapeseed or peanut oil at 150 degrees for 8-9 minutes until golden brown. Drain on a rack, season lightly with salt, and they're ready to be served either tossed in a glaze or with a dipping sauce on the side. Our favourite is the simplest traditional buffalo wing glaze which is 1/2 Frank's hot sauce, 1/2 butter, warmed and combined together.

Why not serve the wings alongside Elly Pear's sunshine summer salad. So simple. So delicious.  

Right, who's bring the beers? 


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