Want More Sex? Better Start Being Charitable

Want More Sex? Better Start Being Charitable

It's official, being charitable means you are having more sex. Boom.

A study has found that charitable people are having more sex. Yep, if you want to start having more sex, you'd better stop what you're doing right now, and help that old lady cross the road. If science is to be believed, that small act of kindness will have you getting jiggy by the weekend. 

And we like the sound of that. 

We think you'll agree that celebrities such as Chris Hemsworth and David Beckham become infinately more hotter when they're posting Instagram pictures of themselves being all charitable, visiting sick children in hospital and the like, but now science wants to prove that this behaviour can also mean increased sexual activity between altruistic individuals.

Studies conducted in the past have suggested that giving to charity, being kind to people, generally being a boss person, makes you more attractive to the opposite sex, however new research now proposes that being a selfless person means that you are having more sex, period.

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In the two separate studies published in the British Journal of Psychology, researchers found that heterosexual women received more sexual attention from men when they were more charitable minded. Men who gave regularly to charitable causes reportedly had more sexual partners in their lifetime than those who weren't as generous.

The second study furthered this notion. 335 undergraduates were given $100 (£76) and the opportunity to donate the money to charity. A follow-up questionnaire asked the participants to jot down their sexual history. The results were astonishing. Those who had been generous with the money given to them were definitely having more sex. For men, this meant a higher number of sexual partners; for women, more frequent sex.

So there you have it guys. Donate blood, sponsor a beehive, or open the door for someone. 

If you want more sex, start being a decent human being. 


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