Celebrity Fitness Selfies That Will Inspire You To Hit The Gym

Hands up if you started 2015 with all of the best work-out intentions but recently your motivation has taken a nose-dive? Yep, us too. To get you back on your fitness track we’ve scoured Instagram to bring you the celebrity gym selfies (aka #healthies) that are giving us the fitspiration we need to hit the gym harder than ever.

Jessica Alba


#Morning #workout Done! #cracklifeopen @zicococonut

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Has anyone ever seen a pic of Jessica Alba where she’s not looking perfectly polished? Nope, didn’t think so. Even post-workout she looks chicer than we can manage on a good day. To top it off we're obsessed with the matching sweatshirt/ trainers combo.

Kim Kardashian-West


Gym time while my baby is napping!

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A list of the best selfies just would not be complete without queen Kimmy herself. This pic is giving us the inspiration we need to stop skipping squats.

Ellie Goulding



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We know that Ms. Goulding is a seriously hardcore fitness buff, but surely, this is just showing off?

Millie Mackintosh

Mils Mackintosh is a serial gym-selfie taker. She snapped this one after a Body Barre class (ICYDK that’s a mix of Pilates and ballet that’s not for the faint hearted). Extra points for the charity Matthew Williamson t-shirt for Comic Relief.

Emmy Rossum

The Shamless star's dedication to the plank is seriously paying off and we’re totally girl crushing over her abs. We’ll follow her lead of doing tricep dips, ballerina crunches and squats if it means we’ll get those thighs of steel.

Click here to watch Jessica Alba's step-by-step workout video


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