Camel Milk Is Now A Superfood (And Of Course Kim Kardashian Has Already Tried It)

Camel Milk Is Now A Superfood (And Of Course Kim Kardashian Has Already Tried It)

Forget oat milk and ditch those cartons of soya. Here's why camel milk is the next big superfood you need to add to your shopping list...

So you've made your own wheat-free, sugar-free granola but before you go and smother it in almond milk then hashtag it #eatclean on Instagram we've found something even better. Say hello to camel milk. Yep, turns out that the animal that Carrie and Samantha sauntered around on in Sex and The City 2 is in fact pretty useful when it comes to superfoods. High in Vitamin C and low in fat it is also more digestible than cow's milk and suitable for the lactose-intolerant. And now it's available in the UK too. Online retailer have launched their version of the drink, that is produced at a camel farm in Holland and say that is flying off the shelves with a strong demand from curious consumers. 



Although, pretty new to UK shores, camel milk has been drunk for centuries by Arabic nomadic groups who believe its the closet alternative to human breast milk. In Dubai, it's a booming industry with flavoured versions such as chocolate and strawberry readily available while even the Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal has its own in house 'camel milk mixologist' who whips up milkshakes and iced lattes featuring flavours such as mint, date, strawberry, cherry and banana during Ramadan. Even Kim Kardashian while visiting Bahrain last year tried it out, posting the below photo to her Instagram account with the caption “Got Camels Milk???"

Got Camels Milk???

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So why should we all be drinking it? Well. it's lower in fat compared to cow's milk - with 100ml containing 53 calories compared to 62 calories in full-fat cow's milk, It's also lower in cholesterol and has five times more Vitamin C and ten times more iron than traditional cow's milk. Plus it lacks the protein beta-casein and other common allergens found in cow's milk so makes it suitable for people with a lactose intolerance. 






However, it does come at a high price. While CamelsMilk UK sell their version from camel farms in the UAE for £6 per 500ml, sell 500ml bottles of raw, unpasteurised Camel Milk from grass-fed camels in Holland for £19. Camels only produce milk when they have a baby and only produce 5-6 litres a day hence the high price. But when you reckon the price of a glass of champagne is roughly £15 we know which we'd rather be sipping on. 

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