Calling Everyone On The 5:2! Elly Pear's Got Another Fast Day Idea For You And It's Only 213 CALS

Calling Everyone On The 5:2! Elly Pear's Got Another Fast Day Idea For You And It's Only 213 CALS

This week, our brilliant food writer tells us how to make delicious fritters, and explains what chrain is (no, we didn't know either)

Winter Greens Fritter with Smoked Trout and Chrain

213 CALS
Serves 1

This is a real cracker – quick, filling, delicious, adaptable. It’s got a great variety of textures, and is also a great feast day brunch dish or the basis of a light lunch or supper. On a feast day, I’d add an extra egg to the mix, use both olive oil and butter to fry it in (to get a really great crust on the fritter) and perhaps add some sliced cooked new potatoes in too, which would make it more of a frittata.
I grew up eating chrain (pronounced as if you’re trying to clear your throat and say Rhine at the same time – a real skill) – a beetroot and horseradish relish. Some brands are hotter than others but I am yet to find a brand that I didn’t like. You can buy it in Kosher delis or Polish shops where you’ll see it labelled as Cwikla Z Chrzanem. It’s cheap (usually less than a quid a jar) and as I recently discovered, low in calories. It’s a bright pinky-red, punchy and looks and tastes great alongside the smoked trout. Once you’ve opened the jar, I bet you find loads of ways to use it.
If you can’t find the smoked trout fillets, you could substitute poached or smoked salmon. As with all amendments/substitutions, make sure you carefully recalculate the correct calorie count.  


75g prepared cabbage greens or kale, roughly chopped

1 tsp olive oil

Maldon salt and freshly ground black pepper

1 medium egg

5g spring onion

10g rocket

45g smoked trout

15g chrain


Wash the greens and shake them nearly dry. Heat ½ tsp oil (very carefully measured) in a small (6-8”) non-stick frying pan over a medium heat, add the damp greens and they will wilt in their own steam after a minute or two. Drain off any remaining liquid and season well.

Put the greens to one side (in a bowl) and wipe the pan clean.
Separate the egg and whisk the whites (in a very clean, grease free bowl) until holding firm peaks. Break the yolk and fold into the whites. Add the greens.

Put the other ½ tsp olive oil into the frying pan and tip in the egg/greens mixture. Spoon around the pan so as to distribute the greens right up to the edges. Leave to set (about four minutes) and then flip to brown both sides.

Slide onto a plate and top with the rocket, add the flaked smoked trout, top with the spring onion and the chrain.


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