Your Best Bum Ever… in 30 Seconds

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Keep it simple. Keep it easy. This is Arabella Greenhill's exercise mantra.

InStyle’s Fashion Director Arabella Greenhill has enlisted the help of personal trainer to the stars Gregory Gray (although he is far too discreet to say which of the A-list he works with) to devise a series of exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime, with no equipment, props or other paraphernalia. It's just about you and using your own body.

For this installment of the series we’re tackling the derriere. So read on, and watch the video above, for the best butt toning exercises you can do at home. Don't fancy that? Here are easy office exercises you can also try. 

Arabella says: ‘It's the simplicity of these exercises, how they flow from one movement to another, that makes it easy to do a set without lots of moving around between exercises. Each one flows into the next.

‘Now I am never going to have a toned butt like a Kardashian, but since I started training with Gregory Gray, I have gone from what was affectionately called my pancake arse (basically flat) to actually having a bum with some shape – and that makes my jeans look so much better.’

For the best bum exercises you can do at home, follow these steps:

1. Kick backs
10 on the left leg
10 on the right leg
Top tip: Make sure your back is flat

2. Fire hydrant
10 on the left leg
10 on the right leg
Top tip: Rest in between sets for 10 seconds

3. Glute pulses
10 on the left leg
10 on the right leg
Top tip: Add in as many reps of the exercise as you like

4. Feel the burn

To get a toned bum, add as many reps of the exercise in the video above as you like. Rest in between sets for 10 seconds. Make sure you keep your back flat and shoulders over your wrists.

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Here's a little bit about Arabella and her exercise credentials: 

‘For me, exercise needs to something I can do anytime, anyplace, anywhere. It is also all too easy to make excuses not to workout when you travel as much as I do, e.g. there’s no gym/pool/class/bad weather.

‘I want to be able to continue my exercise routine no matter where in the world I am because I know how much better it makes me feel; it helps combat jet lag and gives me some much needed ‘me’ time. Plus, it helps to keep my routine in check so when I get home I am still motivated to keep going.

‘With all the travelling I have done over the years, first as a model then a Fashion Editor and now as Fashion Director, I have learnt what works for me and that I need to be able to pack my trainers and workout no matter where I am in the world.

‘In fact, packing my trainers is the first thing I do before anything else. High heels and designer bags are almost an after thought. But if there is no park nearby to run, or it's raining (I hate running in the rain), then doing a workout in my room is a good way to keep fit.

‘I hope you find the "Best Ever… In 30 Seconds" exercise series as useful as I have.’

Exercise by @gregorygraypt
Outfit by @SweatyBetty
Hair and make up by @niki_black_hairstylist

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