The New Skincare Step That Could Save Your Life...

The New Skincare Step That Could Save Your Life...

Do you feel a breast cream is missing from your morning routine? Probably not. But here's why we should all be using it...

If you’re anything like us, your morning routine is already quite full enough. You snooze your alarm until the last possible minute, tumble out of bed and into a shower, cleanse, tone, moisturise (on a good day), straightenen, get dressed, spritz and go. Until now, breast cream probably wasn’t something many of us knew existed, let alone something we felt was lacking from our lives. 

The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation has teamed up with Skinfood, a natural beauty brand, to create a revolutionary new product; designed to apply to your boobs daily, it encourages women to test for potentially dangerous lumps.

Angelina Jolie made the topic more public in 2013 when she underwent a preventative mastectomy, but with breast cancer a real concern (1 in 8 women in the UK are diagnosed in their lifetime), it’s a topic all to often people are scarily unknowledgeable about.

Last month, the story of Lisa Royle made the news after a picture she shared on the internet went viral. After noticing ‘very subtle dimples’, she was diagnosed as breast cancer and wanted to raise awareness of the disease and encourage women to 'please take time to look at your boobs. It could save your life.' The moral of the story? You can never be too careful.

As about 50% of breast cancers are found before mammogram screenings, but if women did regularly apply cream to the area – becoming more aware of regularities and irregularities – it could change breast cancer in a big way. Though we’re all told to check, it’s one of the many health-related things that fall by the wayside in our busy lives, so making it part of our daily routines could potentially save thousands of lives.

Amongst the multiple cancer awareness campaigns we all see, it's got a punchy message: ‘A cream that gives you wrinkles’. Initially we were horrified by the idea, naturally - why? how? what the? - but then we realised it meant by checking oneself for cancer, it would hopefully help give people a longer life – and more time to get wrinkles. 

As if that's not more than enough to expect from an under-£8 product, the Breast Cream, which is available from The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation for $11.99, $2 of which goes directly to the foundation, has got some pretty good skincare benefits too. The formula is full of ingredients which nourish the skin as well as repairing sun damage and clearing blemishes. 

If you're shopping in the UK, we've rounded up some products to use until it becomes available to us on the other side of the pond (and why not donate to the foundation to make up for that $2 we're not spending?):

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Bust Cream, £4.49, Boots

Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Breast Firming Cream, £15.99, Holland & Barrett

Nip + Fab Bust Fix Plumping Treatment, £8.14, Boots

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