Forget Girl Gangs - Why Boy Best Friends Are Total #SquadGoals

Forget Girl Gangs - Why Boy Best Friends Are Total #SquadGoals

Because boys and girls CAN just be friends

There’s no-one quite like your BFF, right? They’re there for you no matter what, hate your enemies without question and are 100% happy to watch Netflix, in silence, while eating pizza in bed. In life, there are some things only your best friend would do for you...

#GirlGangs might be taking over Instagram, but what happens when your BFF is actually a guy? Turns out, life can be pretty great...

1. They’re always there to give you a no-BS interpretation of the latest text from your current crush (hint: it’s probably always a booty call)

2. They’ll even draft replies for you...

3. …and send them without your knowledge

4. (Trust them, it’s for your own good)

5. You can steal his clothes and not worry about wearing them in Facebook pictures, even when he’s asked for them back a hundred times...

6. ...but don’t push your luck too much. That’s just mean.

7. They’ll also screen any potential partners before welcoming them into the group, saving you a world of heartbreak

8. People will ask if you’re together...

9. When really you’re a bridesmaid at his wedding and BFFs with their fiancée 

10. They won’t judge you for ordering a Two For Tuesday Domino’s… for yourself

11. And will encourage you to splash £40+ on fondue essentials

12. They’ll (probably) never steal your make-up or tampons

13. But might borrow your bra ‘for Halloween’

14. Boy best friends might come in handy when persistent creeps in clubs won’t leave you alone

15. And always feel like they need to defend you after they get a bit tipsy

16. (We can defend ourselves, but sometimes you’d rather sip your gin than start an argument, right?)

17. He’ll give you an honest opinion on your outfit

18. You can ask the most in-depth, personal and even physical questions without fear

19. They can introduce you to many of their male friends (if you’re that way inclined)

20. ...and wingman you on a night out

21. You’re there to induct his new partner into the group, just like he’ll stick by your new partner when you need some BFF time

22. You can call them out when they’re being sh*t to girls, and feel like you’re making the world a better place

23. Basically, life is great when you have a boy BFF

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