12 Books Team InStyle Is Reading Right Now

12 Books Team InStyle Is Reading Right Now

Find out what we really can't put down

Who doesn’t wish they could fit more book time into their busy lives? Says everyone, while scrolling through Instagram on the bus and reading Buzzfeed before bed.

If you're looking for a book that'll really grab your attention but can't decide what to buy, here’s what Team InStyle are reading right now and why…


Isabella Silvers, Digital Team - The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

Late to the party, but I've just started (and very nearly finished) The Girl On The Train – READ IT BEFORE THE FILM COMES OUT! It's very twisty and turny and I keep changing my mind on who I think is responsible, even though I've only got 10 pages to go.


Jamie Spence, Deputy Picture Editor - Francis Bacon in Your Blood by Michael Peppiatt

‘I'd read Michael's biography of Bacon whilst at Uni which I loved, equal measures of scandalous 50s Soho behaviour and art historical context. In this book Michael is more autobiographical writing about how as a student he met Bacon and struck up a rolla-coaster friendship that lasted for 30 years. The book runs through the back streets of Soho to grand hotels across the world. It's also filled with 50s big names of the time including Lucien Freud, Sonia Orwell and John Deakin. It's also writhed first person and in real time so you feel like you are really progressing through the story and relationships. It's amazing.’


Rebecca Gillam, Digital Writer - One Hundred Years Of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

'I started One Hundred Years Of Solitude a couple of years ago and never finished it because I did the thing of only reading a few pages at a time and lost momentum as there's about a zillion characters all with very similar names. Then I started it again when I was on holiday a few weeks ago, as everyone says it's one of the best books ever so thought it was a silly one for me to ruin, but the same thing's happened! I'm sticking at it as I can't be the only person on the planet not to get it.'

Charlotte Moore, Editor - Sweet Caress by William Boyd

‘Sex, spies and journalism and the heroine is wonderfully bohemian.’


George Driver, Beauty Writer – Kafka On The Shore by Murakami  

‘It's super weird and surreal but so crazy you have to keep reading it. I'm slowly working my way through all his books because they're all mental and crazy interesting.’


Arabella Greenhill, Fashion Editor - White Nights by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

‘It’s for a new book club I have joined.’

Hannah Vere, Creative Director - Life After Life by Kate Atkinson

‘SO good.’


Hannah Rochell, Fashion Features Editor –Touch by Claire North


Niki Browes, Associate Editor - M Train by Patti Smith

‘Because she's super cool and I like the way she writes’

Elise Hall, Producer And Bookings Editor - The Time of my Life by Cecilia Ahern


Charlie Hall,  Senior Picture Editor - Rebecca by Daphne De Maurier

‘Two friends have recommended it as a holiday classic and I've just been away.’


Nick Spensley, Executive Fashion Director - My Boys, My Body, My Business by Caprice


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