6 Books We’re Desperate To Read This Autumn 2016

6 Books We’re Desperate To Read This Autumn 2016

These are the books worth their salt this autumn. 

As the nights start to get longer and darker, there isn’t anything nicer than cozying up with a really good book. So we asked the founder of The Girly Book Club, Erin Woodward, for her suggestions for autumn 2016. If you’re looking for something to get lost in, read on...

The Only Daughter by Anna Snoekstra
Rebecca Winters disappears at 16-years-old and isn’t seen again for 11 years when she shows up covered in blood with a suspicious story about where she’s been. This psychological thriller will have you guessing until the last chapter. It’s a typical whodunnit where every lead is a wrong turn. 

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah 
An eloquent and moving tale about two very different sisters: Vianne and Isabelle set during World War Two. Both are pushed to their breaking points and have to make choices they never expected to make while trying to stay true to themselves. This book has such rave reviews and it’s no wonder, every word is magic. 

Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica
Well known author Kubica has some big past successes, like the Good Girl and Don’t You Cry. Her newest book follows a similar vein as she tells the story of Heidi, a charitable woman (working for a non-profit) who’s always followed the letter of the law. When she meets Willow, a homeless woman with a small baby in-tow she can’t help but invite her and the child into her own home with her husband and daughter. But things get pretty messy quickly and with her husband and daughter’s objections echoing in her ear she must decide where to go from there. 

When I Am Gone by Emily Bleeker
This books is about as sad as it sounds. The story opens with the passing of Natalie told by Luke, her widowed husband who is left behind to look after their three children. Completely distraught and grief stricken, Luke starts to receive handwritten letters from his dearly departed and they start to tell a story he wasn’t prepared to face. This book was surprisingly good - and doesn’t turn out the way you first expect. 

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Commonwealth by Ann Patchett 
One Sunday afternoon somewhere in California, a chance encounter changes the lives of a family forever. Follow along as Franny Keating’s life unfolds before you – a funny heart-wrenching saga of love, guilt, loyalty and responsibility. I dug it.

What We Didn’t Say by Rory Dunlop
I think we can all relate to the story of Jack and Laura – a separated couple who don’t see eye-to-eye on exactly what caused the dissolution of their relationship. This tale focuses on all the things in a relationship left unsaid. The story is told mostly through Jack’s diary and emails back and forth between the couple creating an interesting perspective. It’s funny, dark and rings way too close to home!

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