How The Internet's Been Saying FU To The Body Hair Shamers This Week

How The Internet's Been Saying FU To The Body Hair Shamers This Week
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And about BLOODY time.

The internet’s been low-key hating on body hair for ages  — based on the 'social norms' that women should be ‘bald from the eyebrows down’, to quote The Wolf Of Wall Street — but the stigma has got ridiculous.

Millie Mackintosh got Insta-trolled after posting a classic #hotdogsorlegs picture from the Alps. Instead of jealousy about lounging in the sun, which would have been almost understandable, she got hated on for the fine hair on her thighs. The first comment said ‘hairy’, the second said ‘wax them bad boys’ and then hundreds of people got involved. For everyone who was negging on Millie, there was someone: ‘literally shut up. Everyone has f**king hair on their bodies. And we don't have to shave all the time we don't want to’, ‘OH MY GOD SHE'S A REAL PERSON WITH REAL LEGS!!! jesus hair is normal. Why should anyone walk around looking airbrushed’, ‘God some people are moronic. Everyone grows hair’… Etc etc.

#hotdoglegs 🌭

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Some people just went for Millie’s D-fence, while others hooked on the unrealistic aesthetic expectations and the negative effect on young girls. Jazziblue said: ‘Omg these comments are terrible and so damaging to all the young impressionable girls that follow Millie. Millie is so beautiful. Get a grip! We should all embrace what g-d has given us. Nothing lasts forever you know, hair grows back prickly, facelifts drop, boob job sag. Why bother? Enjoy life it's so short and love one another and appreciate the good things in life. Meanness has no purpose.’


Millie’s fandom wasn’t the only group fighting back against the hair haters this week. Starting in France, and now worldwide, an empowering hashtag is trending — #LesPrincessesOntDesPoils (which translates as ‘princesses have — started by 16-year-old Adele Labo. Labo already ran a blog with illustrations of her natural body hair and, after getting fed up with the mockery, she asked women to share their own.

Unsurprisingly — because, bafflingly, natural hair is such a hot topic at the moment — it took off. There was a predictably eye roll-inducing backlash about the women being 'unhygienic', ‘disgusting’ and ‘feminazis’, but sense prevailed and it started trending, with many of the 25,000 mentions were pictures of body hair in support for Labo’s statement.

And it’s still going… #LesPrincessesOntDesPoils

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