On Wednesday, We Do Playful Pool Workouts! The Secrets Behind Blake Lively's Body

On Wednesday, We Do Playful Pool Workouts! The Secrets Behind Blake Lively's Body

Post-baby or not, Blake Lively's bod is totally incredible. Want to know how to get it? Of course you do, and her personal trainer Don Saladino has shared her secrets

We’ve all seen those Blake Lively pictures... You know, the ones where she’s on a beach (jelz) in Australia (jelz) looking totally amazing under a year after she gave birth to her baby James (jelz overload).

The actress had a very refreshing attitude to losing her baby weight, saying how silly she finds the pressure on women to get back her pre-baby bod – a point which we wholeheartedly agree on – and how she wasn't going to obsess over regaining her figure. 

Nothing will get you working out like being in a bikini on the big screen though, we imagine, and Blake is looking better than ever - thanks to one Don Saladino, her personal trainer.

People spoke to Don to find out about that incredibly effective diet and workout routine…

First up, he wanted to be clear that the plan is about way more than aesthetics, saying: ‘It’s about keeping her energy level high and making sure that, day in and day out when she’s shooting this film, her recovery is optimal.’ So no more mid-afternoon post-Pret slump? We're listening...

So, this is how Blake got that beachside bod in two months (working out 5-6 times a week)…

Monday – upper body

Tuesday – lower body

Wednesday – ‘a playful pool workout’, including laps

Thursday – upper body

Friday – lower body

Saturday – ‘the accessory movers’ e.g. arms, shoulders

We like the sound of that playful pool workout.

Dom’s Workout Advice

- Start with foam rolling and ‘corrective work’ to warm up

- During your workout ‘Listen to [your]  body’, Saladino says. ‘When you feel great, get on it. When you don’t feel great, shift down a gear. And when you feel like complete crap do really minimal work' 

Dom's Diet Plan

- Eat 4 small meals a day

- Make sure they're well balanced meals; consisting of a protein, a vegetable and a slow-burning carbs

- Have enough so you’re comfortable but not stuffed

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