10 Travel Apps To Help Your Next Holiday The Best One Yet

10 Travel Apps To Help Your Next Holiday The Best One Yet

10 handy apps to take the stress out of travelling...

Whether you're planning a trip across continents, or a simple bus ride to Peckham, travel apps are there to take the faff out of our journeys. Rather than carry around a rucksack loaded with travel guides, handy phone apps can not only help you find a last-minute hostel in Cambodia, but can also translate the lingo so you get the best place for the right price. Also, need to book a cheap flight? There's most definitely an app for that.

So, because we want you travelling off to exciting places, here's our round-up of the best travel apps to download right now...

Free, iOS & Android
An absolute must for anyone travelling within London’s transport network (seriously, if you are still using Google Maps you are officially living in the dark ages), Citymapper incorporates all modes of getting about (tube, buses, cycle routes), plus it’ll also estimate Uber fares for you in case you’ve missed your ride home. Citymapper is also available in over 30 cities including New York, Singapore and LA. Bonus.

Free, iOS & Android
Boasting 33,000 properties in over 170 countries, Hostelworld is a great little app to have downloaded if you are off on a long-haul trip somewhere further afield. The app allows you to view hostel snaps and ratings, plus you can also browse last minute properties by location (in case you do that thing where you get stuck in the middle of nowhere).

Free, iOS & Android
Offering the services of three apps in one, GoEuro covers the user's best possible transport options and combinations based on price, duration, and convenience. With more than 30,000 destinations in 13 countries across Europe, GoEuro covers everything from major airports and stations (together with waiting times) to smaller towns and villages - you know, the places you want to discover off the beaten track. 

£1.49, iOS
A bill sharing app that is aimed at travellers, Splittr allows you to effortlessly divvy up travel costs with your backpacking pals, across a platform of different currencies. Not only does Splittr help dispel any of those passive aggressive WhatsApp groups, but it also allows you to send a report to yourself in case you want to keep track of your expenses online.

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Free, iOS & Android
Always the first point of call when we're looking for flight prices, Skyscanner is the free travel app that helps you get a great deal. Sure, you may have to trawl through a lot of other not so great flights to get the one you want, but nine times out of ten, this app will have your back. Plus, Skyscanner is a good tool for estimating what kind of flight budget you're looking at if you're planning a long-haul trip. It also covers hotels and car hire.

Google Translate
Free, iOS & Android
If you are in need of a quick street sign translation (i.e. you've spent the last twenty minutes looking for the beach), then Google Translate is the easy-to-use app to help get you past any tricksy language barriers. Created more for practical use rather than tutoring yourself in the art of French/Italian/et al, Google Translate's handy camera function allows you to snap a menu or something equally baffling, and it'll translate the info handily into your native tongue. It's a travel no brainer.

Free, iOS & Android
Because everyone is sick to death of paying exorbitant roaming charges, Wiffinity is a handy little app that lets you know where the freebie Wi-Fi areas are. No more running up catastrophic phone bills whilst trying to post a smug Facebook update. Hooray.

Free, iOS
A social platform that lets you connect with other travellers, Zipskee is aimed at making solo adventurers feel safe whilst abroad. Zipskee allows wanderlusters to to share recommendations, arrange meet-ups, and experience the real side of a destination that can only be achieved when meeting locals. It also encourages you to make friends, which can be a defining part of the whole travelling experience.

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Free, iOS & Android
The bona fide big daddy of alternative accommodation options, Airbnb is the app to have on your phone to seek out unusual digs, in unusual places. Whether you're looking for a digi-detox Norwegian chalet, or a swanky Manhattan party pad, Airbnb will have a multitude of options ranging in price and location, covering 34,000 cities across the globe. There's a reason they're so good at what they do.

Free, iOS & Android
Track your journey as you go with this action-packed app, aimed at the more adventurous traveller. It monitors your speed, altitude, and allows you to add in snaps or even voice commentary to fully document your trip, David Attenborough-style. You can alternatively track your route through cities and towns, you know, if you aren't in the mood to climb a mountain.

Get your travel plans sorted, people!


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