MaxiNutrition Promax Lean

MaxiNutrition is a long standing player in the health supplement market. Promax Lean is a firm favourite for a lot of athletes. Promax gives you a great protein hit whilst being very low in carbohydrates and fat. It also has added caffeine to help focus and concentration. I recommend chocolate to help curb those mid-afternoon sweet cravings.

Alchemy Morning Elixir

Alchemy powders are 100% organic and vegan friendly. The protein comes from hemp and pea, but you’ll also find an array of other superfoods and power supplements inside such as wheatgrass, spirulina and acai. The Morning Elixir has a blend of 10 super nutrients to help you kick start your day the healthiest way possible.

Neat Nutrition Lean Protein

Neat Nutrition was set up by two former GB swimmers to provide a simple, no-nonsense, great tasting healthy product. The Lean Protein is made using organic ingredients and contains Matcha Green Tea, one of the most effective weight loss ingredients. Try mixing the berry flavour with milk for a great tasting smoothie.

Grenade Hydra 6

For those hardcore gym bunnies out there, you need Grenade Hydra 6 in your life. With a 50/50 mix of whey and casein protein, you’ll get an immediate protein hit to your body with the whey, while the casein is a slow releasing protein to help feed your muscles over a series of hours.

MyProtein Impact Whey Isolate

Marketed as the purest whey protein on the market, MyProtein’s Impact Whey Isolate is 90% protein and only contains 0.25g of fat and 0.17g of carbohydrate per serving. Try the unflavoured powder and add to your morning smoothie or orange juice.

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