And The Top Place To Live And Work In The World Is...

And The Top Place To Live And Work In The World Is...

FYI, it isn't the UK

So, the very best places in the world in which to live and work have been revealed...and well, you may be a little surprised by the winner.

We've all been there right? Browsing through Pinterest and travel websites, dreaming of far off places in which to reassimilate and start over, only there is an awful lot to take into consideration before getting out of dodge. Taxes, wages, house prices, even the difference between your grocery bills can vary dramatically from country to country, and all of these factors need to be thought about carefully before taking the plunge.

Well, good news is HSBC have compiled a report which reveals the very best countries to live and work in if you are a foreigner looking to relocate. Individuals that had already moved abroad were asked about their living conditions, and how they had found the move. Answers included everything from how long it took to climatise, embrace the culture, and ultimately the financial gains from the move.

And well, if you are thinking about moving away guys, it looks like Singapore is your best bet. A staggering two thirds of people living in Singapore that took part in the HSBC report admitted that not only had their quality of life improved, but that all of them were financially much better off. In fact, more than 60% of people were earning more than they did in their homeland. Yeah, wow. Also, it appears that Singapore is also a safer place to live, with 90% of people revealing that they felt much safer walking the streets than they did at home.

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Here are the top 16 countries to live and work in according to the HSBC report:

1. Singapore
2. New Zealand
3. Canada
4. Czech Republic
5. Switzerland
6. Norway
7. Austria
8. Sweden
9. Bahrain
10. Germany
11. Australia
12. United Arab Emirates
13. Hong Kong
14. Taiwan
15. Netherlands
16. Spain

Apparently, it was Canadian and New Zealand locals that romanced newly relocated citizens, with many praising how much they felt welcomed in both countries. Sweden's exceptional childcare facilities were also highly regarded, as well as Switzerland's massive earning potential. 

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And the UK? Well, we made it to number 22, eight places higher than the US that came in at number 30.

Food for thought right?


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