7 Of The Best Places To Order An Espresso Martini In London

7 Of The Best Places To Order An Espresso Martini In London

Espresso martini? Don't mind if we do...

Espresso martinis. Oh, how we love your caffeine creaminess. Problem is it rarely stops at just the one, right? But there's no doubt about it, ordering an espresso martini post-work on a Friday is the done thing to do these days, but finding a good coffee cocktail can sometimes be a bit of stab in the dark roast. Plus, did you know that the espresso martini's origins reportedly come from London? Well, now you do.

So to take the stress out of finding the perfect coffee tipple, here are the best espresso martinis in London (to be ordered asap...)

1. Caravan
Exmouth Market's hotspot Caravan boasts it's very own in-house coffee roastery, and believe us when we say that their espresso martini is pretty bloody fabulous. Their Espresso Martini #2 features golden rum, star anise infusion, coffee liqueur, and their home-brewed espresso. Yum.

2. Peckham Springs
SE15 4QN
Open from Thursday through Saturday, South London's Peckham Springs — named after Only Fool And Horses' Del Boy's bottled water business — is a gallery/bar space serving up some rather exquisite cocktails, including a mighty fine espresso martini. Plus, many of the drinks on offer start at only 6 quid. Happy days.

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3. Shoreditch Grind
The first Grind in London, Shoreditch Grind has sat like a beacon of coffee history on Old Street Roundabout since 2011, and it's fair to say that they serve one of the finest espresso martinis in town. Their signature Grind Espresso Martini features vodka Reyka, sugar, and their own Grind House Espresso beans. No frills. No fuss. Just perfection.

4. Quo Vadis
Re-launched in 2012 with Jeremy Lee heading up the kitchen, this historic restaurant slash club in London's Soho serves seasonal British food, and a whole range of delicious cocktails. Quo Vadis' bar serves 'jolly folk' from midday, including a rather wonderful vodka espresso martini. 

5. Arabica Bar & Kitchen
For a slightly different spin on the traditional espresso martini, Borough Market's Arabica Bar & Kitchen serve up a delicious Arabica Coffee Martini, with the addition of Turkish coffee and cardamom. Plus, you get to enjoy in the bustling loveliness that is Borough Market. Delightful.

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6. City Social
Jason Atherton’s Michelin-starred City Social offers up a rather unusual espresso martini, and a definite must-do for all the movie buffs out there. The Black to the Future is a futuristic take on an espresso martini - instead of coffee, the bar team will be blending Mr Black coffee liqueur with Aylesbury Duck vodka and dash of soy sauce, garnished with a Back To The Future-style OUTATIME number plate. Super fun.

7. The Little Yellow Door
W11 3HT
Notting Hill's most unusual eating/drinking location The Little Yellow Door, along with being a riotous place to socialise (think the best house party you've ever been to), is also great for cocktails. And yes, their espresso martini is pretty yummers. Where else can you get squiffy on boozy coffee cocktails and play Twister? Sign us up immediately.

Meet you by the bar ladies.

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