We've Narrowed 75 Years Of Desert Island Discs Into 7 Must-Listen Episodes

We've Narrowed 75 Years Of Desert Island Discs Into 7 Must-Listen Episodes

As David Beckham joins Kirsty Young to celebrate 75 years of Desert Island Discs, Chloe Mac Donnell, a self-confessed Desert Island Discs addict picks her all-time favourite episodes...

To mark the 75th anniversary of BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs, David Beckham will be joining Kirsty Young as her latest castaway.

'I'm delighted to join Desert Island Discs for its 75th anniversary celebrations,' David says. 'Music has been a huge part of my - and my family's - life and it is a real pleasure to highlight that on such an iconic programme.'

The Radio 4 series, which first aired on the 29th of January 1942, has since welcomed more than 3,000 guests and become, for many, their go-to easy Sunday morning listening sesh. Four presenters have hosted the show since it started - Roy Plomley (who originally devised the programme), Sir Michael Parkinson, Sue Lawley and Kirsty Young, who took over presenting duties in 2006.

'75 is a birthday worth celebrating and having David Beckham as my castaway seems like the perfect gift,' says Young. 'His sporting legacy is of course extraordinary. And along with his charisma, cultural impact and humanitarian work, he is a modern man of many parts. He'll be a fascinating guest to welcome on to my little interview island!'

What we're mainly intrigued to know, though, is will David pick a Spice Girls song as one of his top eight? And, if he does, what's it going to be?

In the meantime, as a self-confessed Desert Island Discs addict, here are seven of my all-time favourites to listen to from the archives...

David Nott (2016)

I first listened to this while walking to work and ended up arriving with a mascara-streaked face. The London-based surgeon talks about how his yearly stints in conflict zones such as Syria and Darfur and really hammers home the effects that war has on innocent human beings.

Victoria Wood (1987 and 2007)

First interviewed by Michael Parkinson in 1987, the late comedian chats about her early theatre years. 20 years later Kirsty Young invited her back to talk through her depression issues and marriage break-down. Devastatingly honest.

David Attenborough (2012)

It's David Attenborough. What more do you need to know? As Kirsty said in a recent interview: 'Honestly, he was a total, pure delight. Absolutely bloody marvelous. But that’s the thing about David – you can’t help falling just a little bit in love with him.'

Morrissey (1999)

An unsual insight into the reclusive former lead singer of The Smiths. His honest thoughts on contemplating suicide and the fact that 'nothing' comforts him are hard-hitting.  

Johnny Vegas (2010)

Having always thought of him as 'just a comedian,' the content of Vegas's interview came as a total shock. In a very emotional interview, Vegas recalls how growing up in extreme poverty, his father had to kill his pet rabbit for the family to eat and how later he turned to alcohol as an escapism. A reminder that people's public personas are often very different from who they really are.

Lynn Barber (2010)

As a brilliant writer and interviewer, Barber has plenty of funny and interesting anecdotes to recall. Plus her luxury of a 'cynaide pill' is one of the best picks the show has ever had. 

Jilly Cooper (2016)

From writing advice ('Remember the five senses... and follow your heart') to marriage advice ('Creaking bedsprings and hysterical laughter'), Cooper's interview is simply lovely. Also the revelation that she likes to get drunk with her children and dance around the kitchen to Bob Marley will totally win skeptics over.

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