10 Of The Best Coffee-Based Cocktails To Try In London

10 Of The Best Coffee-Based Cocktails To Try In London

Coffee cocktail fan? Here's where to find the very best in London...

Coffee cocktails are a sure-fire way to get you pumped for an evening’s festivities, and with London’s best cocktail bars offering a veritable array of coffee-based tipples, there’s never been a better time to get involved and find your favourite. We got in touch with DesignMyNight for the lowdown on London’s best coffee-based cocktails, offering everything from drinks topped with smoked candy-floss to blended ice-cream bangers. Read on, coffee fans...

Nightjar - Toronto
A cocktail list just wouldn’t be a cocktail list without mentioning east London’s Nightjar. Constantly on the ball when it comes to complex and experimental mixology, they have the perfect coffee-based cocktail to celebrate all things caffeine. Their Toronto tipple is made using Woodford Reserve bourbon with coffee and roasted pecan maple syrup. Bitter Fernet Branca and orange blossom smoked candy floss is then added to counter the sweet flavours, creating an unquestionably first class drink.   

Cocktail Trading Co. - The Handy Nightcap
If you’re a sucker for weird and unusual drinks, the Cocktail Trading Co. is soon to become your favourite hangout. Their cocktails are as bizarre as they come. Take their Handy Nightcap for instance - it has a golf ball floating in the glass. Yes, an actual golf ball. This pretty-as-a-picture drink is made with bourbon, sweet vermouth, cold dripped coffee, unique Chartreuse and Terry’s Chocolate Orange bitters. It’s earthy, strong and packs a punch.

Little Bat - Bartender’s Breakfast
Being the younger sibling, in any case, is tough; but Little Bat in Islington has been doing a fantastic job of living up to Calloh Callay’s flawless reputation. Unique cocktails sit on the menu’s pages but, for a cocktail like no other, try the Bartender's Breakfast. It’s a sweet tipple that combines Santa Teresa Gran Reserva, Ron Zacapa Rum, Mozart Dark Chocolate Liqueur, nutmeg and a generous espresso shot.

The Jones Family Project - Dazed & Coff-Used
Just a couple of minute's stroll from Old Street Station you’ll find The Jones Family Project, an award-winning restaurant harbouring a selection of moreish cocktails. Forget about the other drinks, you need to keep an eye out for their Dazed & Coff-Used tipple. It’s a mix of sombra mezcal, adventurous coffee-infused campari, a house blend of vermouths and unforgettable cynar.

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The Rum Kitchen - Pre Pre Emptive Strike
The Rum Kitchen in Brixton boasts over 200 bottles of spirits meaning their cocktail-shaking possibilities know no end. Amongst their sea of spirits is their coffee-infused Barcadi Carta Negra. This bad boy is used to make their Pre Pre Emptive Strike which contains the previously-illegal Tona bean, maple syrup, amaro, walnut bitters and finished with a double espresso. Trust us when we say it tastes as good as it looks.

Be At One - Brazilian Monk
Be At One have venues in some of London’s most happening spots (Shoreditch, Camden, and Clapham to name a few), and to some, their cocktail menu seems endless. There’s a drink at hand for every preference but the Brazilian Monk wins everytime. It’s made up of dark creme de cocoa, nutty Frangelico and coffee-based Kahlua. What’s even better is that you can add ice cream, which we totally recommend. It is quite heavy but it’s more than worth the calories. 

Old Street Records - The Acrobat
Considered the new kid on the block, Old Street Records has made a fantastic first impression on London’s nightlife scene, with A-listers like Prof Green drinking and partying there midweek. If you’re fit for the sugar rush, you have to try their Acrobat cocktail. Patrón XO Café base is complemented by an espresso shot, a customary whole egg, pistachio syrup and smashed salty nuts, to give you a caffeine kick like no other.

London Cocktail Club - Bump n Grind
London Cocktail Club: if you haven’t heard of these guys you need to crawl out from under that rock of yours. Always up for a good knees-up, they have a boisterous menu, and on this menu is the Bump ‘n’ Grind. The venue’s expert mixologists blend sugar syrup with Stoli Salted Karamel Vodka and Tia Maria to give birth to a must try coffee concoction. If you head to one of their venues before 7pm you can grab two of these boozy libations for just £12. Afterall, there ain’t no hour, like happy hour.

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Opium Dim Sum - Gringo
Behind an unassuming door in Soho you’ll find Opium, a place where Asian food and cocktails take centre stage, but it's their Gringo tipple we've got a soft spot for. The key to this delectable drink is the homemade coffee tequila. It’s sweetened with organic agave nectar, but that’s just the start - everything is tied together with double cream, dark chocolate and a liqueur-soaked cherry.

Love Die Late - Mexican Heights
As the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. Daytime might reveal Fitzrovia’s Love Die Late as a laid-back coffee shop, but come nightfall this chic space transforms into a cocktail-fuelled funhouse. It’s a stylish hangout and true to its nature, they have a banging coffee cocktail on offer. Cue Mexican Heights. Quality agave from Los Altos is imported to make fresh tequila, this combined with Patron XO (and a few other exciting ingredients like blueberry-infused cold brew coffee syrup) make for one boozy, caffeine kick. 

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