We Tried All The Christmas Sandwiches To Find Out Which One Is Really Worth It?

We Tried All The Christmas Sandwiches To Find Out Which One Is Really Worth It?

Your lunchtime sarnie just got a whole lot more exciting...

The John Lewis ad memes have gone viral. Starbucks have switched to red cups and you can't pass a department store without someone trying to spritz you with their latest festive scent. Yep, the festive season is definitely upon us. Upping those merry feels are the lunchtime highstreet chains who have quickly copped that a heavy dose of Christmas lunch food nostaglia stuck in some snazzy packaging equals big bucks when it comes to the sarnie trade. But with so many options and, let's face it, the calorie count quite high, which sandwich is really worth the splurge?

We decided to put several of the most popular options to the test and taste the best Christmas sandwiches live on InStyle's UK Facebook page. Yep, it's a tough job when it comes to carbs but someone's got to do it. Read our verdict below plus check out the video here for all the IRL facial reactions.

Eat's Festive Full Works Bloomer


592 Kcal

This has got all the essentials for a Christmas sarnie. We're talking turkey breast, pork stuffing, smoked ham and cranberry sauce. It also comes in chic blue packaging, well for a sandwich anyway. The turkey although finely sliced isn't dry plus a dollop of mayonaise keeps the whole thing quite moist. Sorry to anyone with a phobia of that word. All in all a strong option. 

Star rating: 8/10

Starbuck's Turkey & Maple Bacon Sandwich 


529 Kcal

Just reading the ingredients list screams America. The turkey is pulled, the rye bread is smotherd with sweet potato and pumpkin puree plus there's also some potato hash packed in there too. With it's various layers this is probably the most Instagrammable of the lot but unfortunately when it comes to flavour it in no way packs a punch. There is way too much going on and the whole chunks of potato is just weird. Stick to gingerbread lattes Starbucks.

Star rating: 5/10

Pret's Christmas Lunch Sandwich


482 Kcal

If your favourite part of Christmas lunch is the stuffing then you're going to love this option from Pret. Made with pork, streaky bacon and apricots it's full of festive flavour and when combined with the thickly sliced turkey breast and the tart cranberry sauce this is basically #winning The closet experience on the hightstreet you're going to get to that scoffing turkey sambos in your PJs on Boxing Day.  

Star rating: 9/10

M&S Turkey & Pigs In Blankets


480 kcal

The ratio of sausage to turkey is high in this option. The spiced mayo gives a nice kick but the sage is subtle. But all in all the flavours seem quite separate. A slightly disappointing result.

Star rating: 7/10

M&S Brie And Grape (Veggie Option)


540 Kcal

This is just weird. It all feels very slimly what with the slices of brie (which don't taste very brie-ish) and slivers of red grapes. Definitely one to avoid if you don't like texture.

Star rating: 5/10

Pret's Veggie Christmas Lunch Sandwich


531 Kcal

This sounds a bit strange on paper - roasted chunks of butternut squash combined with a nutty pesto and rocket but somehow it really works. It's moreish and way better than any bland nut roast option usually offered to veggies.

Star rating: 9/10

Tesco's Turkey And Trimmings Sandwich


476 Kcal

There's no greenery in this but don't let its begie appearance put you off. This sandwich is packed with turkey breast and pork sausage. It's the equivalent of a dirty burger. A quick and cheap hangover fix.

Star rating: 6/10

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