The Best Cakes & Bakers On Instagram To Follow Right Now

The Best Cakes & Bakers On Instagram To Follow Right Now

Follow these bakers and cake artists for the dreamiest of desserts

The Best Cakes On Instagram To Follow Right Now

The best cakes on Instagram have three things in common; rainbow colours, toppings piled high and more tiers that we could ever eat. If you’re looking for #CakePorn to fill your feed, these are the best cakes on Instagram we’re stalking right now.

1. Tattooed Bakers
As their name suggests, Eddie Lebeau and Richard Amon are inked-up bakers based in London, specialising in edible art, from huge rainbow unicorns to marshmallow ganache explosions. Seriously, did you see the cake they made for our 15th birthday?


2. Christine McConnell
The creepiest cakes you’ll ever see on Instagram come courtesy of Christine McConnell, a baker who whips up spider-shaped sponges and strawberry waffle monsters alongside all-American peach pies.

I decided to try making wafflecones from scratch. then this sorta happened...

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3. Pomp De Franc
Shoreditch-based Katie Franklin’s Instagram is full of Bake Off-worthy showstopper cakes, all floral decoration and art-deco salted caramel brittle toppings.


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4. Cake Of Dreams
Looking for cakes that aren’t too cutesy? East London-based Francesca’s colourful feed is filled with chocolate cake topped with glitter cherries, ombre strawberry cake dripped with salted caramel and rainbow marshmallow filling. YUM.

Fairy cake of dreams #cakeofdreams #fairytale #birthdaycake #neon

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5. Drake On Cake
New Orleans-based baker Joy ices Drake’s most poignant lyrics onto Crayola-coloured cake. Genius.


6. The Cake Blog
The Cake Blog round up the best cake, pie and cookie recipes from their community of bakers and cake designers, including rainbow chocolate funfetti cakes, giant doughnuts and autumn leaf bundt cakes. 


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7. Georgia’s Cakes
Pastel meringues, popcorn sprinkles, flowers, chocolate bars and old-school sweet shop lollies top Georgia Green’s amazing cakes, piled high with sugar, spice and everything nice. We’re obsessed.

...and would you believe it if I told you that underneath was a CHOCOLATE cake? 😋

A post shared by G e o r g i a ' s C a k e s (@georgiascakes) on


8. Sweet Deetails
Pokemon Go, Sephora, Star Wars… No theme is off-limits for Dien, a cake artist who works at California’s Sweet & Saucy cake studio.


9. RBI Cakes
Ron Ben-Israel is ‘the Manolo Blahnik of wedding cakes’ according to the New York Times, and we can see why. His elegant, five-tier designs are the wedding cakes of dreams.


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10. Sweets TM
Mesmerised by cake decorating hyperlapse videos? Sweets.TM will feed your addiction…


Have we forgotten anyone? Tell us your favourite baker to follow on Instagram below, and don’t forget to follow us @instyleuk on Instagram for fashion, food and more.

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