The Best Apps To Download Right Now

The Best Apps To Download Right Now

Here are all the very best apps to download, like right now...

Figuring out which apps to download needn't be a nightmare, especially when you have like, all the apps to suit every kind of budget and lifestyle. From freebies to fitness, most phone apps can be downloaded super quick these days, and no matter what you're looking for (love, recipes, kitten pictures) there's most definitely an app for that. What are the very best apps to download in 2016? We've broken them down into a few handy categories...

Dating Apps
Tinder, Happn, Bumble: the best dating apps are ones you've probably already heard of, but believe it or not, there are actually a few niche dating apps for singletons that want to move away from the mainstream. There are apps for beard-lovers (Bristlr), Disney fans (Mouse Mingle) and yes, there's even a dating app for people that love bacon (Sizzl). It's basically a dating app Smörgåsbord of romantic possibilities out there people, so we'll make sure you're always up to date (pardon the pun).

Check out our InStyle pick of the best dating apps, to 100% maximise your online dating game.

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Fitness Apps
Because sometimes getting to the gym can be a) a chore or b) super expensive, there are some fantastic fitness apps out there to take the 'work' out of work out. Apps like Couch To 5K have revolutionised the exercise world, and with apps specialising in all kinds of disciplines from yoga to swimming, you really don't have to be some bonkers gym bunny to use a fitness app.

We've rounded up 7 of the best fitness apps here at team InStyle for you to take a look at if you are in dire need of some mobile fitspo. Get involved.

Fashion Apps
Let's face it, we sometimes need a little help in the old fashion department, right? Unfortunately, most of us aren't born with some imbued sense of sartorial sassiness (SJP, Marion Cotillard, et al), so downloading a fashion app is often the best way for us normal types to get a handle on all things fashwan. Online shopping has basically been made super easy thanks to development of awesome fashion apps, much to the detriment of our bank balances...

Here are the best fashion apps to download like, right away. Goodbye pay cheque.

Beauty Apps
From orchestrating your own home manicure, to setting an alert every time you need to hydrate (yes, that is a thing) there is most definitely a beauty app for that. Whether you're in the market for a new foundation, or simply looking to browse new make-up trends, downloading one of these best beauty apps will set you on your path to achieving ultimate #GoodFaceGoals, without having to leave the sofa. And we like that idea very muchly.

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Mindfulness Apps
It's been proven that us career-minded millennial women are more prone to suffering from anxiety, and thankfully those clever app people have upped their game in response to this very modern problem. Apps such as Headspace have really altered our perception about self-help, and it's not uncommon for people to now openly discuss what relaxation app they're using, at any given time. 

Here are team InStyle's favourite best mindfulness apps to help you achieve your inner calm...

Travel Apps
From a globetotting adventure to taking the bus across town, downloading a good travel app can help get yourself from A to B, with zero stress. No doubt, apps like Citimapper have revolutionised the way Londoners use the transport system, and who doesn't travel these days without Aibnb safely downloaded on their phone?

If you are planning a trip any time soon, here are the best travel apps to download before you go...

Kepp checking back to our our InStyle app hub. We promise to keep you bang up to date with all the very best downloads... 

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