Being Short At A Festival? The Petite Struggle Is Real

Being Short At A Festival? The Petite Struggle Is Real

Being short at a concert is NOT easy

Petite girls, I feel your pain. We can’t reach things, we get leaned on by strangers on public transport and if we get called ‘cute’ one more time, we’re going to be angry (…and then probably get told we’re ‘cute when we’re angry’).

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But of all the life scenarios where being short is problematic, festivals are a major issue. Here are 19 things every petite festival-goer will 100% feel.

1. You will never stop trying to see, even though you’ve resigned yourself to the fact you probably never will

2. You have to drag your friends to Catfish And The Bottlemen half an hour early to try and get a good spot

3. Only to become some sort of magnet for tall boyfriends and large hairstyles

4. The joy when someone actually considers your vertical challenges and moves out of the way is deep

5. Sitting on someone’s shoulders: terrifying but great for you, a MASSIVE inconvenience when anyone around you does it

6. You’ve become a master at finding 10cm gaps between heads and shoulders to see through

7. And dance in swaying motions to maneuver yourself into the best spot

8. Standing in line with the stage? Forget it, you’ve mastered the perfect angle to the left or right

9. You can’t go in too deep or you won’t be able to see, hear or breathe

10. Especially when the crowd gets dense and your face is pressed into someone’s sweaty back

11. By the end of the festival, you’ve got neck ache from craning to see the screens

12. And your feet kill from jumping (just so you can see, not even for the music)

13. But at least it’s a workout. Kind of. Sort of? 

14. You’ve seriously considered bringing some sort of stool or step

15. And debate whether the pain of platform shoes is really worth it

16. Looking out for things to stand on becomes as subconscious as breathing

17. Tall friends are great for guarding your space in a crowd

18. And you’ll form a deep bond with other shorties in the same scenario

19. But in the end, the best view is always through someone’s iPhone in front of you

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