Why You Need To Swap Wine For Beer When It Comes To Cheese Parties

Why You Need To Swap Wine For Beer When It Comes To Cheese Parties

He set up the Five Points brewery in east London way before craft brewing became the hipster’s go-to career choice. Now, he’s adding bar to his resumé with the launch of Mason & Company in Hackney Wick. Ed Mason explains why we need to ditch the wine for beer when it comes to cheese parties...

So long chocolate mousse. Bye, bye crème brûlée. Farewell Eton Mess. Nowadays, we're all about a slab of brie, a square of camembert or a wedge of gouda over a sugar high finish. It's also a legit excuse for another glass of wine. So when we heard one of our favourite East London breweries Five Points was teaming up with streetfood business Capish to launch a cradt beer bar and kitchen 'Mason & Company' specialiszing in cheese and beer pairings we were totally intrigued. Like how could a crisp pale pale ale go as well as a cold crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc with a square of strong brie? Well, it turns out very. Here, founder Ed Mason explains how it works...

Beer and cheese. Are you serious?
‘Its gentle acidity works well with cheese, cutting through and complementing the fattiness. You have cheese with wheat crackers and beer is mainly malted barley or wheat, so it’s a natural pairing.’

We love brie. What works best?
‘It’s all about balance and intensity. The saltinessof the cheese will overpower a light pilsner or ale so go for something strong. Try our Hook Island Red – it’s really peppery.’

What about something creamier?
‘A burrata works with a crisp pilsner. And pair a mild cheese like goat with a zesty Belgian witbier.’


So. Much. Cheese. Holy Cheese Mountain at The Cock Tavern, courtesy of Raw Cheese Power.

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How should we serve beer?
‘Make sure it’s not too cold. Take it out of the fridge 20 minutes before drinking or warm the glass in your hands to raise the temperature.’


Is a glass a must-have?
‘Ninety per cent of the taste comes from smelling the beer. You can’t get your nose into a can so pour it into a glass.’

We’re dairy-free. What else works?
‘Serve beer instead of wine at your Sunday roast. Pork belly with rosemary works with a crisp American hop pale ale, while the earthy flavours of beef  go with the slightly sour taste of a Flemish red.’


Perusing the shelves here at Clapton Craft NW5. Our beer's in good company!

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