9 Baths We Want To Get Into Right This Minute

9 Baths We Want To Get Into Right This Minute

#BathPorn (except it is SFW)

The world is split — there are bathers, showerers and people who spend most of their waking life, when they’re not at work, submerged.

People talk about ‘getting bored’ (for which we recommend these things to do in the bath) or not wanting to ‘soak in there own dirt’, but as the latter category know — it’s basically the best place on the planet. 

You can read, watch Countryfile, listen to Serial or catch up on correspondence (for which you may need an offensively practical waterproof phone or iPad case but it’s so worth it) and all while benefiting from the relaxing vibes of bath oils, candles and a G&T.

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If you’re still reading, odds are you’re one of those people — so you’ll like the #bathporn we’ve rounded up for those hellish days you have plans in the evening or if you’re actually looking for practical interior advice.

We're perfectly content in our dingy bathrooms, with no windows and an obligatory mini cactus, but take one tiny moment to imagine being in one of these... 

Pinterest/Home Edit

(Photo credit: Pinterest/Home Edit)

Not much better than some relaxing nature, hotel-perfect towel rolls and whatever that pot-pourri stuff is. (Let's hope it's bath snacks.)

Pinterest/Interiores Minimalistas

(Photo credit: Pinterest/Interiores Minimalistas)

A whole bath room = the actual dream.

Pinterest/Blood And Champagne

(Photo credit: Pinterest/Blood And Champagne)

A little more realistic maybe, but no less inspirational — particular shout outs to the book shelves, and freestanding bath, of course. 

Pinterest/Designed w/ Carla Aston

(Photo credit: Pinterest/Designed with Carla Aston)

A freestanding bath WITH a sassy curtain — ideal for having someone chat to you while you're soaking.

(Photo credit: Pinterest/Home Edit)

We can hardly make sense of this Escher-like eco haven, but we love it.

Pinterest/Room Decor Ideas

(Photo credit: Pinterest/Room Decor Ideas)

We're not sure that natural tree contraption would look quite so idyllic over a dingy city bath.


(Photo credit: Pinterest/Bloglovin)

Just the right side of naturally hectic.

Pinterest/The Berry

(Photo credit: Pinterest/The Berry)

Like the schmanciest type of hotel.

Pinterest/Salvaged Past

(Photo credit: Pinterest/Salvaged Past)

We want a room big enough to put that bath in. 

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