How To Eat Like Kate Hudson: The Batch-Cooked Recipes To Save You Time And Money

How To Eat Like Kate Hudson: The Batch-Cooked Recipes To Save You Time And Money

Kate Hudson knows you don't have time to cook, so why not try these batch cooking tips and tricks?

Kate Hudson is a jet-setting actress, mother of two and even found time to make an appearance on Ant And Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, so it’s no wonder she doesn’t have a lot of time to cook.

To be honest, who does?! Juggling jobs, family, friends and a social life isn’t easy, so when it comes to whipping up fresh, healthy meals from scratch, Kate understands the struggle. Her solution? Bulk cooking. This might just change your life…

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Kate says ‘What I do is bulk cook one day a week. Usually on a Sunday – when I’m relaxed. I cook enough to feed me and my boys’. If you want to know exactly how to bulk cook like Kate Hudon, she’s laid it all out in her new book, Pretty Happy.

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It works a little something like this…

1. I make a list of all my basic ingredients for the week, and head to the supermarket.
2. I lay everything out at home, and crank up some great tunes.
3. I get out my supplies: containers, pans, steamers, blenders, bowls…
4. Then I prepare several dishes and meals.

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And if the thought of making seven separate meals for the week is slightly intimidating, don’t worry! Kate has a list of go-to foods that she loves, including some basic dishes you can build on to make different meals.


  • Oatmeal
  • Fresh eggs (you can make hard-boiled or soft-boiled ahead of time and keep them in the fridge)
  • Protein-rich pancakes/ waffles
  • Sliced avocadoes doused in lemon juice
  • Sliced fruit in small containers to take with you when you run out the door

Lunch/ Dinner

  • Large tossed salads
  • Baked kale chips
  • Red wine or rice wine vinegar and olive oil, combined for ready-to-go salad dressing
  • Brown/ wild rice, quinoa and sweet potatoes
  • Grilled chicken, tuna steaks, roasted turkey
  • Lentils, chickpeas, black beans, haricot beans, black-eyed beans, organic tofu
  • Homemade vegetable soup, chilli con carne, butternut squash soup, split pea soup, chicken soup
  • Hummus, guacamole, homemade salsa, fruit butters, cashew cheese, individual serving sizes of nut butters


  • Homemade trail mixes (raw, unsalted varieties of nuts, seeds, raising, dried cranberries and shredded coconut, etc)
  • Snack-sized containers of fresh cut vegetables and fresh fruit
  • Snack-sized containers of granola or gluten-free crackers

If Kate has inspired you to get bulk cooking, why not try these mouth-watering smoothie bowls, or the packed lunch ideas we’re totally stealing from Instagram?

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