9 Ridiculous Problems Only Middle Class Bakers Will Get

Because sometimes there's nothing worse than your creme brûlée not setting…


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Baking issues, we've all had them. Ok, maybe not all of us, but if you're as obsessed with the Great British Bake Off (GBBO to it's friends) as we are - and totally sad that it's over - things can get a little out of hand.

From cutting ourselves on spiralizers to the local Tescos not stocking that muslin we desperately needed for our homemade almond milk, there's a whole host of baking-based trials and tribulations sent to test our inner domestic goddess.

1.  Ground almonds that just aren't ground enough. Well when we're creating an entire batch of perfectly pastel pink macarons to show off around the office, only the best will do. And frankly, Sainsbury's poor attempt at ground almonds are making our smooth shells bumpy. Which will NOT do.

Middle Class Rating: 3/5


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2. We should have used the quality coffee Margot recommended instead of that film flam instant stuff. Our coffee cake just doesn't have the rich, caramel flavour we were going for. We knew we should have invested in the Kopi Luwak coffee beans, they were only £95 after all. And just think how impressed the ladies at book club would have been. Just feed it to the cat darling, it's not good enough to grace the table.

Middle Class Rating: 2/5

3. Washing up our spiralizer is just too much. We've cut ourselves countless times trying to rid it of of the remnants of our courgette cake but what to do? It's just not dishwasher proof and we use it so often it must be addressed. What chores have the kids got this week? Maybe we can give them a quid and just not mention the health and safety issues…

Middle Class Rating: 3/5


4. Avocados that aren't ripe enough. Our avocado chocolate mousse will not be served at dinner tonight if it's full of lumps. We'll have to go back to Waitrose.

Middle Class Rating: 4/5

5. Our almonds have been soaking for two days for our homemade almond milk (we're lactose intolerant obvs) and we've just realised we've run out of muslin. The local homeware shop tried to fob us off with cheese cloth saying,'It'll do the job'. Can you even imagine?

Middle Class Rating: 5/5

6. We've ruined our Hemsley & Hemsley recipe book, aka the Bible, and it's a full on disaster. When we spilt that raw cacao truffle mixture we thought we'd got it all off but the cemented together pages are implying otherwise and we're not entirely sure how to our quinoa muffins without instructions. We'll simply have to stop at Whole Foods and pick some up.

Middle Class Rating: 4/5


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7. We're considering going vegan (if Gwyneth can do it, so can we) but now we're having a dairy free flapjack dilemma. Our manuka honey is hurtful to bees but how are we supposed to sweeten the flapjacks? There's only so much coconut oil and cinnamon we can use in one recipe. Darling, prize open the Hemsley & Hemsley, it's an emergency!

Middle Class Rating: 5/5

8. Baking your own gluten free bread is a flavour nightmare. Is it too much to ask for an even texture, great crust AND a taste sensation that warrants a Paul Hollywood handshake? There's only one thing for it, we'll have to start milling our own flour.

Middle Class Rating: 4/5

9. Our Le Creuset collection isn't complete. Unless we want to make our traditional Sunday game stew or bake our truffle and parmesan soufflé, it's simply impossible to cook anything. The cast iron tagine must go on the list asap.

Middle Class Rating: 3/5

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