Anti Gravity Yoga - The Exercise Obsession Even Fitness Phobes Will Like

Anti Gravity Yoga - The Exercise Obsession Even Fitness Phobes Will Like

Purple silk hammocks and hanging upside down, yup anti gravity yoga is the celeb face circus-style workout we're getting pretty excited about...

More fun than iyengar yoga, less deathly (and faint-inducing) than bikram yoga and slightly less cringe than voga, anti-gravity yoga (say yoga more) is officially our new exercise obsession.

And it's not just us. Everyone from supermodels Natasha Poly and Angela Lindvall to Kate Upton (who's hanging out below) are getting in on the aerial action. Which means it must be good.


Using silk slings that hang from the ceiling, anti gravity yoga is the acrobatics-inspired exercise that's all about staying svelte and strong. Let's just say engaging your core is very much encouraged.

But it's not all circus style moves and ab crunching curls, it's actually pretty easy to get into, even you're a fitness phobe like us.

Involving everything from simple swinging and using the hammock to do pull ups, to upside down balances that test your leg strength and faith in gymnastics, it's super varied and you don't have to be a yoga pro to go. Trust us, we'd never even done normal yoga when we went and we managed to go full on upside down. Although we would say if you're prone to motion sickness, you might want to sit this one out.

Designed to open up your joints and stretch your muscles, after 45 minutes you really do feel longer and taller.

Yes, we ached the next day. A lot, if we're honest. But sort of in a good, I've actually worked parts of me that I never knew existed way. From using our core to swing our legs up and around the hammock, to building our upper body strength by jumping and holding ourselves up on the sling, every part of us got a good old workout.

The best bit? We didn't walk out sweating balls. It's not a load of go-at-it cardio, it's about building strength which means less sweating and more ideal for taking a cheeky pre-work class.

Did we mention the self-satisfaction? We all know exercise endorphins are a thing and frankly, sometimes ours fail to kick in, but after throwing yourself upside down and backwards rolling out of the hammock for a triumphant finish we felt pretty darn proud of ourselves.

Of course, we nervously giggled throughout the entire class but the instructor was patient, helpful and more than a little bit fabulous. Not to mention the owner of the strongest core we've ever seen. If more anti gravity yoga means we can bend in half like that, sign us up.

We made our first foray into anti gravity yoga at Virgin Active's new Walbrook Club, which, if you like to treat yo'self post gym, you'll love. We took our time testing out the steam room, sauna and ultra-indulgent Salt Cave. Well someone's got to do it… Next on our list are the treadmills with Netflix screens and chilling in the lounge's squishy leather sofas.

See you there!

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