Amelia Freer Answers Your Biggest Diet Questions (Yes, You Can Still Drink Coffee)

Amelia Freer Answers Your Biggest Diet Questions (Yes, You Can Still Drink Coffee)

Amelia Freer spills her top tips on what to eat for lunch, how to drink coffee and giving up alcohol

Amelia Freer, for the uninitiated, is the nutritionist to the stars. She’s the woman behind Sam Smith’s weight loss, James Corden’s trim figure and Boy George’s 4-stone slim down, so it’s no surprise she’s got everyone wondering just what is her secret? Well, organic coffee, for one. 

Curious? Amelia took on the task of answering InStyle’s four biggest diet questions (lunch, dinner, alcohol and coffee), and you’re definitely going to want to read her answers…


Do I have to give up alcohol? That’s impossible.
If you like wine then go for red which is less sugary, but have an old fashioned pub sized glass not these ridiculous goblets they serve now which are about 3 units. Drink it like the French would, savour it. Or have vodka and soda or tequila. But you have to see alcohol as you would food, it’s no different to eating a fattening chocolate bar.

But what about work dinners or lunches I have to go to?
If you’re going to have a treat meal then choose carefully who you share that with. Why would you waste that on work? Your job gets enough of your energy, you shouldn’t have to hand over your health and weight too. So save up that glass of red wine or natural sugar treat for your best friends and your boyfriend. It’s never worth wasting those precious mouthfuls.

What about coffee? Don’t make me give it up..
It’s not coffee that’s bad, it’s all that rubbish chains add to it. It’s become associated with socialising, the ritual is what you’re addicted to. Make a ceremony of coffee, I order an organic one from America which is really pure, make it beautifully and enjoy it - never drink it mindlessly throughout the day.

I can’t make my own food during the day, how can I be healthy if I go to chains?
It’s a dangerous world out there, don’t leave the house without food. But Pret does 2 hard boiled eggs and some salmon and plain spinach and Crussh has a few options. But taking your lunch to work just becomes a way of life  - what did people do before chains? It forces you to be conscious about what you’re putting into your body.

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