Put Down The Cuppa – Adele Knows Why You’re Not Losing Weight

Put Down The Cuppa – Adele Knows Why You’re Not Losing Weight

Adele has called out a British classic as the reason behind her impressive weight loss, and now we’re scared…

Adele tells it like it is. Whether it comes to heartbreak, her music or her hatred of Caesar salads with no dressing (“why would I do that?”), Adele just got real about her diet secret, and the reason behind her dramatic weight loss. Brits, you’re not going to like this.

Speaking to The Sun, Adele revealed the one British classic that, once she cut it out, helped her drop the pounds. In fact, you’re probably drinking one right now. Yep, it’s the good old cup of tea (with sugar).

“I used to drink ten cups of tea a day with two sugars in each, so I was on 20 sugars a day”. Whoops, those teaspoons do add up… In fact, that’s three times the recommended daily allowance of sugar for women, not including the rest of your food and drink throughout the day. Mid-afternoon cupcake, we see you… 

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So how much should we be drinking? Six teaspoons or 24 grams is the maximum amount of sugar recommended per day. We’ll definitely be holding off on our afternoon cup of tea. Maybe we should switch to matcha green tea or kombucha instead…

Adele also said “now I don’t drink tea, and I have more energy than ever”. The Hello singer also skips booze these days, and watches her diet more than she used to. Running around after a three-year-old must get your heart rate up, too.

Since she burst back on the scene in October 2015, Adele’s weight loss isn’t the only thing to change. She debuted a choppy new haircut on the X Factor final, has been testing out bejeweled manicures and even stepped out of her all-black comfort zone – you can see Adele’s weight loss and style transformation in full here.

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