Abbey Clancy's Fitness Rules, Smoothie Recipe And Why She Hates Running

The Strictly champion and model loves juicing but hates jogging...

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She's the Liverpool lass we all love to…well, love, the Strictly champion we were totally rooting for and the WAG with style (sorry VB). So, when Abbey Clancy - InStyle's February cover star - called us to chat all things ballroom dancing, homemade smoothies and assault course workouts, we couldn't refuse. Want to know her fitness rules? See below!

How do you like to workout?

'Classes are great for me because I've got absolutely zero willpower - although I'm quite highly strung and I like to be out doing stuff. I couldn't think of anything worse than going for a jog around the park, but I love horse riding and reformer Pilates - I always listen to Kasabian to keep me going.

The weirdest workout I ever did was called Nuclear Races, which is like an army assault course at an old barracks. I was jumping through swamps and getting covered in mud, but it was totally amazing.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is so elegant and gorgeous, and J-Lo's got a fantastic figure. But for me, the Victoria's Secret models have the perfect bodies. They're strong and athletic looking - it's great gym inspiration.

It's nice to have a toned bum and a flat stomach, but I don't want to be skinny. For me, it's about feeling energised.'

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Amen sister! You've just had your second child (congrats!) did you workout while you were pregnant?

'When I found out I was pregnant I started doing pregnancy yoga because it's important to keep your body strong. Physically, you go through so many changes - your boobs triple in size and your back kills, so it really helped. But there's a time where you've gotta go, 'Right, I need to just relax and be pregnant.''

You're the new face of Reebok but what do you like to wear to workout?

'I like exercise clothes that keep everything in place. I always wear Reebok patterned leggings and crop tops because they're really breathable, but they look gorgeous, too. I can see my friends afterwards and not be embarrassed that I'm in my gym stuff.'

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Ok, we're dying to know, what was Strictly like?

'Strictly was an incredible workout. My body completely changed: I had no boobs and a six pack; I literally turned into my brother. I look back at pictures and think, 'God I was so thin!''

What about eating healthily? How good are you really?

'I don't enjoy feeling sluggish so I like to eat healthily. It helps being married to a footballer! But I love biscuits or cake with my cup of tea. That's important because as soon as you say, 'I'm on a diet', all you can think about is food. You should look after your body, give it what it needs, but also have what you want.

I make my own juices and try to have one everyday. I put everything in them: broccoli, kale, ginger, lemon, cucumber and Elle Macpherson's Super Elixir. No one else in the house will drink smoothies and my husband hates them!'

When you workout are you a makeup wearer or a post-class hider?

'I try not to wear make-up at the gym because I don't want it to clog my pores. When I leave, I'll put on some bareMinerals make-up and Evian face spray, grab a coffee and have a chat with the girls before we pick the kids up from school.

To wind down I go and see Rachel Morris, who's like a white witch. She knows everything about essential oils and which ones to use if you've got a cold, morning sickness or hay fever. There's nothing better than taking a hot bath with my frankincense and rose oils, and a good book.'


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