The Easiest 151 Calorie Soup EVER? Thank You, Elly Pear...

The Easiest 151 Calorie Soup EVER? Thank You, Elly Pear...

Our food writer and 5:2 fast day recipe guru Elly Pear has the most delicious beetroot soup recipe for you. Mmmm!

Instant Beetroot Soup with Wild Garlic or Spinach
151 cals

Makes 1 huge or 2 small bowlfuls

This recipe is super quick, full of goodness and really cheap. Frankly, what more could you want?!

Oh, it’s also made with ingredients that are really easy to find and it keeps well. In fact, even before you make it, the pack of cooked beetroot (which costs about 60p) does not need to be kept refrigerated until it’s opened and has a really long shelf life (approx. 3 months) so you can keep it in the cupboard and whip this up any time. It's lush both hot and chilled so is great all year round.

Downside is you will almost certainly splatter your clothes with beetroot juice, so don’t wear white. I wore white. What a prat.

I first made this with wild garlic I picked myself. If you can’t get hold of any, I made it with baby spinach and a clove of garlic and it was equally delicious.

Weigh and measure everything carefully and use an online tool or app like MyFitnessPal to calculate your calories. Brands of packaged goods vary in their calorie content so make sure you do your own maths and don’t just copy my calculations. I know it’s a bit boring but remember, it’s only for today – tomorrow we feast!


For the soup:
1 pack cooked beetroot (250g)
20g washed and roughly torn wild garlic leaves (or once wild garlic season is over, 20g baby spinach and 1 clove crushed garlic)
250ml good quality vegetable stock (I used 5g Marigold vegetable bouillon powder + 250ml boiling water)
Maldon salt
Freshly ground pepper

For the garnish:
1tsp lemon juice
15g Greek yogurt
A few coriander or dill leaves


Simply open the pack of beetroot and tip the whole lot into a jug blender. I use a Vitamix but a Nutribullet or any other blender would be fine. The stronger the engine, the quicker it will be.
Add the wild garlic (or spinach and garlic), the stock powder, salt and pepper. Pour the boiling water into the jug, stick the lid on tightly and blend until it’s totally smooth.
Then, taste for seasoning and you can either eat straight away (it should still be hot enough from the boiling water, otherwise heat gently) or chill until totally cold.
Before serving, mix the lemon juice and yogurt together, adding a tiny bit of cold water if it’s still too thick and drizzle over the surface of the soup. Garnish with the herbs. Eat.

Oh, and take a picture, post it on Instagram and tag it #ellypearfastdaysbyme. I’ll be reposting the best ones!


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