5 Health And Fitness Gadgets To Geek Out Your Life

5 Health And Fitness Gadgets To Geek Out Your Life

Hands up if you’re secretly a tech geek at heart. Yep, us too. We’ve combined our resolution to get in shape with our love of all things techie to bring you the best new health and fitness gadgets to fine-tune your diet and workout. From headphones to juicers here are the five items that will be going straight to the top of our shopping lists. Take note…

The heart-rate headphones
Sport pulse in-ear fitness headphones, £199.99, JABRA (selfridges.com)

Want to know how much effort that uphill run will cost you? You’ve got to try these pulse-recording headphones. Pop in a pair to see your heart get put through its paces. They’re so much more precise than clinging onto the sensors of a treadmill while you jog, and without any tangle-prone wires to boot. They’re the cleverest headphones we’ve ever laid our eyes on and they give real-time voice coaching and play high definition music wirelessly from your smart phone. Genius!


The fat-blasting (well sort of…) fork
HAPIfork, £52, HAPILABS (hapi.com)

According to those in the know eating too fast can lead to packing on the pounds and some seriously dodgy indigestion too. But while we know that it’s good for us, sometimes it’s just too hard to pace ourselves. So if you need a reminder to stop inhaling your dinner (hello mac and cheese!) try HAPIfork. It’s an electrical fork that alerts you with vibrations when you’re eating too quickly and tracks details of how you ate your meal in an app. Perfect to satiate your geek cravings and your stomach at the same time - we’re sold.


The smart scales
Smart Body Analyzer, £129.95, Withings (withings.com)

Standard bathroom scales are so 2014. If you’re brave enough to know the minutest details about your body composition then take a deep breath and step onto the Smart Body Analyzer. The device measures weight, body fat percentage, temperature, heart rate and air quality (yup, it even tells you when it’s time to open a window). Results are instantly sent via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to a personal app where you can assess your progress thanks to graphs created from your measurements. Even cooler? You can send your data to a doctor or nutritionist to get their advice. To top it off it’s super sleek and so pretty we think it makes a stylish addition to any bathroom.

The queen of green machines
BioChef Atlas Juicer, £299, Vitality4Life (vitality4life.co.uk)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year you’ll probably know that cold pressed juices are the new get fit buzzword. But ever wondered why they’re so much better than regular juice? Well, the crushing and squeezing motion of cold pressing is much slower than a regular juicer. And, here’s the science bit, it mimics our own chewing action of breaking down raw fruit and veg while keeping maximum nutrients in tact. Our favourite green machine? The BioChef Atlas – it’s so compact, hardly makes a whiz, whine or scrape and can crush a handful of kale in 10 seconds flat. Say goodbye to astronomical green juice bills at your regular haunt and cold-press from your own kitchen.

The sleep-tracking bracelet
UP3, £149.99, Jawbone (jawbone.com)

Not getting enough zzz’s? You need this piece of arm candy, pronto. Sleek enough to be worn as a bracelet (it comes in subtle silver or black) and comfortable enough to be kept on overnight, this tiny tech powerhouse monitors sleep and recognises detailed rest stages so you can find out what’s been going on after your head hits the pillow. It’s also one seriously accurate fitness tracker too. While you’re awake, the bracelet can identify what type of exercise you’re doing (from hiking to Zumba) as well acting as a microscopic personal trainer to set you challenges and keep you motivated.

By Catherine Scale

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